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History Repeats: Germany to Lockdown Unvaccinated. My Thoughts.

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1 month ago

As a close friend pointed out in his post on this story:

"Well, that's Germany well and truly back on the fascist bandwagon. Just as in the 1930s, Austria comes up with it and Germany takes it on..."

My spur-of-the-moment thoughts on the matter in regard to Japan:

I’m somewhat looking forward to this coming here, if it means the final separation of my world from your evil, idiot world.

But then, maybe not. It will likely mean even our little farming/medical freedom groups will be weeded out and targeted, and a fight. I don’t want a fight, but it seems almost inevitable at this point, as the other side simply will not let folks opt-out in peace.

Many people don’t wanna think about such a confrontation. I don’t either, but I have to. I am going to avoid such a “showdown” at all costs except: my bodily autonomy.

That I will not surrender, even if I have to lose my existence in this reality to keep it. I will do all I can and more to stop the aggressor — including use of lethal force — before they force me.

Again, that’s the worst-case scenario, and hopefully we’ll be left alone in our new communities. But that also seems…doubtful.

I wonder how many of my friends who are jabbed would speak up for me, and those of us who have opted out, should this come to pass here in Japan? My guess is very few.

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It is unfortunate that in the 21st-century history repeats itself. We have not learned anything from history.

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1 month ago

You have my full moral support. I would never give up my bodily autonomy either.

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1 month ago