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Hard to See a Future

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1 month ago

It's hard to see a future the way things are right now

with shadows closing in, and evil clamping down

The monster was always there, but somehow still removed

When times were full of friends, and chances still could soothe

But now as the "first world" also collapses

And friends are polarized to sides

A battle draws near no good man wants

And there's nowhere left to hide

The evil of parasites more and more blatant

Robbery more direct

The most despicable of humans on the planet

Demand the highest respect

Falling out turns brothers into strangers

Killing the music we've known

The darkness leeches out into everything

A loneliness more than alone

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You are right, it seems difficult but certainly the future is looming, and its dawn is imminent.

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1 month ago