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Government Is a Moral Abomination — an Observation of Reality

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10 months ago

Whether or not one chooses to acknowledge reality, is another issue altogether.

Is stealing wrong? Yes.

Then it is wrong when anyone, regardless of title, does it. Even if it is given the name "taxes." If violence or threats of violence are required to receive payment from a non-violent, non-consenting party, that is called theft or extortion.

Is murder wrong? Yes.

Then it is wrong when anyone does it, including cops and soldiers. There is no such thing as "collateral damage" in war. There are only innocent lives lost, for a conflict they were not even involved in. This is murder. If you think it is for the "greater good," then sacrifice yourself first.

Can you delegate rights you don't have? No.

Then you cannot grant some external group of individuals the right to do things you cannot do. Just because you call these humans "government" does not logically justify you giving them "extra rights" you do not even have. Can you take money from your neighbors under threat of violence? No? Then how can you delegate that right to others for the purpose of taxation? Can you grant yourself legal immunity from damages you cause? No? then how can you grant that right to "government," police, and pharmaceutical companies? Can you claim vast swathes of land, apropos of nothing but your say so, and apply laws enforced by violence across that huge geographical region you've just claimed absent the rules of property? No? Then you cannot grant that "right" to others just by calling it a "state."

Is kidnapping wrong? Yes.

Then how do you support a special class of humans being able to kidnap others over things as trivial as possession of a harmless plant? How do you support the destruction of families and the ability of this "special class" to stalk you down the highway if your tail light is out, and if you do not stop because you are scared (maybe it is late at night and you are a woman, or simply afraid because you don't know who they are) they can legally run you off the road or shoot you?

And to address the inconsequential objection "But there has to be some kind of order!!!" : Of course, I agree. And there are plenty of ways to achieve that order in societies building their policies on the self-ownership axiom.

Finally, no objections ultimately matter, where slavery is concerned. It is always wrong, no matter what. Regardless of what may or may not replace it. It is a moral abomination.

But who will pick the cotton?

I don't care. Who will free the humans?


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Written by   147
10 months ago
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