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Dreams/Goals I Am Moving/Working Toward

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1 month ago

I want St. Kitts passports for myself and my family.

I want to revoke my U.S. citizenship so they can no longer stalk me across the globe.

I want to be debt free.

I want to have a small circle of individuals who are willing to physically defend our bodily autonomy and property, even at risk of death if necessary.

I want to garden, hunt, farm, and live in closer, more self-sufficient connection with nature.

I want to continue to write and share the philosophy of non-violence and voluntaryism.

All of this falls under the common goal of building a better world for my son and his future children if he chooses to have kids.

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" St. Kitts passports"
let us know how that works out,
One of my relatives just renounced, choosing to be stateless.

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1 month ago

Was the process very difficult?

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1 month ago

She did not say difficult, but she did say expensive. She could have renounced on YouTube, then left the details swinging in the breeze, like some people do. There is something horrifically repugnant about asking permission to not be a slave anymore...

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1 month ago

Totally. It proves we are viewed and treated as literal livestock by these psychos.

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1 month ago