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"Cicada Jazz" - Original Music/Lyrics

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4 months ago

I was sittin' by the riverside

smoking cigarettes

tryin' to find a place to hide

lost in my own regrets

when you said:

You don't need to run away

everybody feels like the darkest day, is theirs

and I know it's easy for me to say

but when it all comes down

you're the only one that cares

I was walkin' home peacefully

thinking about the things she said

when a car pulled out in front of me

and nearly left me there for dead

and I thought:

As the seconds tick away

what have I really got to say, that's real?

All of the lovely things we know

are so wonderful, but even so

what about the squalor down below?

You don't need to run away

You don't need to run away

but I know

that the darkest day is slow


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Is this your song? This is beautiful.

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4 months ago

It's mine, yes. Thanks very much for listening.

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4 months ago