Better Off Dead: Japan's Covid-Cult Child Abuse Continues Unabated

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The kanji behind the teacher is the character for "air."

While most regions of the world have left the masking largely behind, and "climate crisis" is the new boogeyman spooking the unthinking order followers, Japan is left in the lurch, still stringently obeying masking policies, getting injected with jab after jab of mystery pharma cocktail, and simultaneously leading the entire planet in coronavirus infection. But of course, "if we didn't take these measures, it might be even worse." 

The image above isn't from 2020, or 2021. It was taken just days ago at the beginning of this month, in September. While speech development delays due to masking are now finally being acknowledged by "experts" after we've been shouting about it for two-and-a-half years, and the narrative on vaccines has gone from "You won't get covid" to "you may be hospitalized from it but most likely it won't be that bad," to "Oh shit your immune system is damaged," there's one group that is still suffering the most from all this abuse: kids.

If you're a child in Japan, every day is abuse. In the current humid, stultifying late summer heat in the land of the frying sun, almost all children, even when walking around outside, are wearing masks. Tokyo Disney wouldn't even allow two-year-olds to bare their faces in the theme park until this month. Elementary school students are still required to cover their breathing holes.

Elementary and pre-school school students are force-fed propaganda about a boogeyman virus day in and day out, and in many areas not allowed to talk openly to their friends at lunch. They are encouraged to "cheer in your heart" instead of vocalizing joy at school functions, concerts, and other events that used to give life special meaning and fun.

Junior high school students no longer take their much-anticipated school trips (in Japan, middle school students traditionally travel to a far away location and spend a few days having a great time with their friends, comparable to a big event like a prom or bowling alley lock-in). Now they are treated to "virtual school trips," while sitting masked, behind a plexiglass partition, in a hot classroom (schools do not typically use air conditioning here) watching a video presenter tell them about Kyoto and all the sites they would be seeing.

If you'd like to see how fun the school trips are for those that do actually go, please see the picture below, whose bottom frame shows U.S. president Joe Biden and Japan's prime minister Fumio Kishida breaking their own masking rules just this year at a fancy restaurant in Tokyo.

Is your blood boiling yet? Mine is. While schools and teachers continue these absurd practices, and children's lives — their friendships, emotional development, health, and indeed the joy of childhood itself —are destroyed, I can't help but wonder what their future will be like.

When they see that runners can smash their bodies together and run the Tokyo Marathon unmasked, and the leader of the country can break his own rules with no pushback, and their parents can crowd into swimming pools maskless but lecture the unmasked bus rider, it's clear that in exchange for a childhood, what they are receiving is a very clear message: Life is meaningless, and so are you.

Japan's child suicide rate was the highest ever in 2020. So was truancy. Those are children killing themselves, aged 6 to 18 years old.

CNN reported earlier on in this madness, back in November 2020: "more people died from suicide last month than from Covid in all of 2020." Regarding the kids taking their own lives, local mainstream media behemoth NHK actually cited the "environmental change caused by the corona disaster" as the reason for the all-time high of 400 kids ending it all.

They thought they were better off dead. And looking at the adults they had to look up to and obey, and the abuse they had to suffer, it's not hard to see how a child may be driven to such a dark place.

I think the teachers, parents, newscasters, media companies, politicians, celebrities and drug companies who willingly continue to foist this propaganda and literal physical and psychological abuse on children and young people, without a second thought, and without even the tiniest action against what they know is wrong when they do have a second thought — never questioning the status quo and stepping up as a protector of the world's most precious resource — are the ones that would actually be better off dying.

That sounds extreme to some maybe. But I don't care. What is being done to kids is the real extreme of evil.

The "corona disaster" blamed for the suicides was man-made. An illness is one thing. Destroying the lives of children because there's supposedly a virus about (which wasn't even a real threat to them by official statistics), is another. Ending festivals, killing economies and increasing domestic abuse thanks to stress and social atomization, making people hate each other, engendering division and mistrust, banning concerts, social outings, and fun — tearing apart and launching vile attacks on what it is to be human itself. These are all things children can see and feel. But not things they have the emotional capacity to process and deal with easily. To them, we are the world. We are the ones who are supposed to know how things work. To teach and protect them as they grow. And now you dehumanize them, making even simple, compassionate acts like showing a smile, laughing, or a hug, forbidden.

So as un-compassionate as it may sound: If you are one of these child abusers, unwilling to do anything about the current destruction: 死ね.

Some of us are still alive.

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Obey and Die is what their parents choose.

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