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Are You a Voluntaryist? Take This Easy-Ass Quiz and Find Out!

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2 months ago

What follows is a short quiz to assess whether one is a true degenerate voluntaryist (someone who believes all human interactions should be consensual and voluntary, and that force is only justified in defending against violations of body or property), and to what degree they may be close or far from embodying the logical and ethical position of non-violence (NOT PACIFISM!)

Each of the following prompts should be answered simply "agree" or "disagree."

  1. Government agents, police officers, and politicians, are currently afforded privileges and rights by the state that I am not.

  2. It is always wrong to violate another non-violent individual (not harming anyone's body or property) even if I disagree with their views and/or lifestyle.

  3. Violating a few non-violent people for a result that will benefit many people is still not okay.

  4. If a human crosses a political border (non-private property) or boundary in non-violence in order to find work or visit family (or for some other non-violent reason) they should not be subject to the anti-property political laws of the region, and the punishment they may face for breaking these political laws is ethically unacceptable.

  5. Taxation is predicated ultimately on threats of violence.

  6. The atomic bombings of Hiroshima and Nagasaki were unethical.

  7. Unethical (violent) means can never justify an end that is either ostensibly, or somehow even verifiably, a net positive for most individuals.

  8. Just because someone is a government agent, or a police officer, they should not be afforded extra rights beyond those of the common individual.

  9. I cannot give rights I do not have myself, to others.

  10. I have the highest claim to my body and property — beyond the claims of governments, police, priests, and other human-constructed, so-called "authority." I own myself.



10 "Agrees" — You are a hardcore voluntaryist mahfk, and probably get called a utopian on a weekly or daily basis by "pragmatists" who love the state and just want comfort and personal freedom for themselves.

9 "Agrees" or less — You are close but still have an authoritarian itch.

8 "Agrees" or less — You belong in the Libertarian Party, running on the political hamster wheel.

7 "Agrees" or less — Donald Trump will drain the swamp any day now, I promise.

6 "Agrees" or less — The senile child molester will set things right.

5 "Agrees" or less — Donald Trump knows JFK and they will lock up the child molester so they can grab pu**ies and drone bomb brown kids for the greater good.

4 "Agrees" or less — WiThoUt KiLl OtHerS HoW lIVe?

3 "Agrees" or less — Clinical psychopathy is rare but don't worry most of them would lie about this shitty score so you're probably just a brutal-ass knuckle dragger sociopath.

2 "Agrees" or less — The Robitussin will wear off soon.

1 "Agree" or less — Being an amoeba isn't all bad. No thinking required. Just do amoeba shit. But still, you're in human form, and you got no excuse, really.

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Written by   151
2 months ago
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have 9 agrees, close but still have an authoritarian itch

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10, of course...

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