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Me, Myself & Video games

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5 months ago

I have already told you some stuff about me - I am at UNI, I am a 20 years old male from the Czech Republic and I love crypto. But there is one more thing about my personality that I haven't revealed yet. I love video games too! So today's article will be about my favorite video games, what I play these days and so on…

I started with computer games when I was about 8 years old. My first computer still had the big, ugly and old CRT monitor, if you are younger and don't know what I'm talking about, something like this:

The computer itself was slow, horribly noisy, and couldn't properly run anything. Still, I was glad I could play games at the lowest detail, 20 fps tho... To be honest I was used to a really low frame rate. Only about 4 years ago I found out what 60fps looks like in games - until then I only knew from videos.

And now to specific video game titles.

I am not sure what my first ever pc game was. But I can clearly remember Jazz jackrabbit.

This right here is my childhood. We used to play this every day at school daycare - I am not sure how to say it in English, it is a place where you go from age 7 to 12 after school until your mom or someone can pick you up because you are not allowed to go home by yourself.

After this game, I have a big nothing. I don't remember any other video games from that time.

As for more recent times, I've been very into League of Legends, or Counter-Strike... like almost everyone.

I never really liked slow games. I never really liked story-rich games either. When I did play them, I usually skipped all the story.

Plus, I've never even held my attention for very long on a game. Occasionally I did keep my attention in games like Metin2 or World of Warcraft. But usually 4 hours at most, then another game for a few days.

As for the very last time, the only thing that caught me and I was able to play a lot was No Man's Sky and Dead by Daylight. I don't play No Man's Sky anymore, but I still love DBD - nowadays I have nearly 250 hours in there. If you've ever played DBD, I only play as a killer. Which is sometimes quite frustrating…

When I told my friend what article will it be for today, she said that I should totally include Bloons TD, which we played together for some time.

So yes, I really like BTD as well. It is my #1 relaxing game to play after a hard day. That is when my favorite streamer is having a day off. Nowadays I'm more into watching than playing myself.

In conclusion, as I grow up games are not the same, as they used to be. It has become rarer and rarer that I even play PC games. Somehow I don't feel like it or have the time. I would rather write an article instead or maybe read. Which is certainly more productive than playing - if that's not what you do for a living, I wish.

Be sure to let me know down in the comments if you play video games and if then what. Maybe we can get together, add each other on Steam and play someday…

Thank you for reading! Would appreciate any tips!

You can read my other articles about the Czech Republic, crypto, and many others topics on my publish0x profile here. 

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Written by   6
5 months ago
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