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Hazards of obesity

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After "the obesity epidemic across Europe," a dramatic increase in diabetes, heart disease and other diseases is forecast, reports The Independent of London. Speaking at a meeting of medical experts from 26 countries in Milan, Italy, the Chair of the International Working Group on Obesity said, “This is a global crisis and urgent action is now needed to prevent this silent epidemic of serious diseases and costs. Health spiral. We will face a health disaster if we do not act. "All European countries are involved and in some areas between 40 and 50 percent of the population is affected. Since 1980 the obesity rate in England has risen from 8 to 20 percent for women and from 6 to 17 percent for women. The reasons given include sedentarism Lifestyle and a richer diet, both of which are linked to increased wealth. The main cause for concern is the number of overweight children. According to Professor Jaap Seidell, President of the European Association For the Obesity Study, "there is evidence that a greater proportion of the next Generation becomes obese and overweight at a young age ".

The disadvantages of globalization

Economic globalization is creating a global market that offers greater opportunities for many, but also increases the risks, reports the British newspaper The Guardian. The interdependence of nations on the emerging global economy allows a seemingly isolated event like the devaluation of the Thai baht in 1997 to spark financial panic worldwide. “Thirty years ago,” notes The Guardian, “the difference between the richest fifth of the world's population and the poorest was 30 to 1. In 1990 it fell to 60 to 1 and now to 74 to 1. ... criminals who are now global Being able to use markets for drugs, weapons and prostitutes are among the greatest beneficiaries of globalization. "

Can You Avoid Colds?

You may not be able to completely avoid the common cold, but there are some precautions you can take, says the New York Times. The following are some of the most important ones: Avoid the crowds whenever possible and try not to shake hands with people who are clearly cold. Also, avoid rubbing your eyes and nose, and wash your hands frequently. These precautions will help because the hands often spread cold viruses to the delicate membranes of the eyes and nose. Cold viruses on the surface or in the hands can remain active for several hours, and a person with a cold can be contagious for some time before and after signs of the disease appear. Other precautionary measures include a balanced diet and special attention to children. Because? Because they have between five and eight constipation infections a year!

Mental health in Africa

"It is estimated that 100 million out of 600 million people in sub-Saharan Africa suffer from mental health problems," reports the South African newspaper The Star. War and poverty are the main culprits, according to the World Health Organization. A related factor is the decline in extended family support. According to Professor Michael Olatawura from Nigeria, this “traditional African safety net” is being undermined by Western values, drug addiction and civil violence. In addition, family members continue to travel in search of employment. "The economic problems facing African governments have disrupted our ability to support health in the way we should," said Professor Olatawura.

War mat

The horrors of war are expressed in an unusual art form in Afghanistan, reports The News of Mexico City. For the past 20 years, Afghan artisans have woven representations of instruments of war on their famous carpets. Traditional figures of birds, mosques and flowers include statuettes of machine guns, hand grenades and armored tanks. Carpet expert Barry O'Connell says that while the numbers are not always instantly recognizable, many models are "so precise" in iconography that it is often possible "to distinguish" between AK-47 and AK-74 assault rifles ". . Most carpet weavers are said to be female war victims. For them, weaving these exclusive rugs is a subtle way of expressing their feelings.

Polluted rain

According to the New Scientist Magazine, a high proportion of dissolved pesticides has made some of the rainwater in Europe no longer potable. Swiss chemists have found that rain samples taken in the first few minutes of a storm often contain more pesticides than are considered acceptable by the European Union or Switzerland. Fumigators are to blame for this, with the highest concentration of these toxic chemicals occurring in the first rain after a long drought. Meanwhile, Swedish researchers have linked the rapid increase in the incidence of non-Hodgkin lymphoma, a form of cancer, to the widespread use of various sprays. The chemicals that hinder the growth of vegetation in roofing materials also pollute the rainwater that flows through buildings.

Agricultural deaths

More than one person dies on British farms a week, making farming one of the most dangerous jobs in the country, reports the London Times. In 1998, the youngest victim, only four years old, was knocked down under the wheels of a tractor and seven more deaths were caused by tractors tipping over on the slopes. Farmers are advised to think twice and check conditions before attempting any risky task before climbing a slope with a tractor. David Mattey, Chief Agricultural Inspector of the Health and Safety Executive said, “Many of these tragedies would have been avoided if the person had stopped for a few seconds, thought about the work, and did something different. .

Unusual energy sources

▪ The island of Ouvéa in New Caledonia has no oil but uses coconut oil to generate electricity, reports the French magazine Sciences et Avenir. The French engineer Alain Liennard spent 18 years developing an engine that runs on coconut oil. The engine drives a generator, which in turn drives the desalination plant, which supplies 235 families on the island with drinking water. According to Liennard, its 165-kilowatt system can keep up with diesel engines in terms of performance and fuel consumption.

▪ In an experiment in the village of Kalali in the Indian state of Gujarat, the energy of the oxen was used to generate electricity. New Delhi's Down to Earth magazine reports that a scientist and his niece came up with the idea of ​​producing energy. Four oxen turn an axle that is connected to a gearbox that drives a small generator. The generator is connected to batteries that power a water pump and a grain breaker. The unit cost for this energy is about ten cents, compared to $ 1 per unit with windmills or $ 24 per unit with solar panels, says Down to Earth. However, since residents need oxen three months a year to work in their fields, prosecutors are looking for an efficient way to store energy that can be used without oxen.

Adequate food

On average, girls are around 25 cm tall and gain between 18 and 22 kg between 10 and 14 years of age, while boys are around 30 cm tall and 50 to 30 kg gain 22-27 kg between 12 and 16. During this period there is rapid growth It is not uncommon for teenagers to be very uncomfortable with their weight and many to worry about weight control. "But dieting and restricting food intake are not healthy options and are not recommended," writes nutritionist Lynn Roblin in the Toronto Star. These actions can drain nutrients from the body, notes Roblin. In addition, experimentation with diets "paves the way for inappropriate eating habits and can lead to more serious eating disorders". He notes that adolescents need to have a more realistic view of their body image and need to achieve a healthy weight through "smart eating, active living and a sense of wellbeing".

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