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Gladiolus a wonderful flower

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Almost everyone is impressed by the delicate beauty of the flowering vegetation, a notable example being the gladiolus. Because of its popularity, gladiolus is grown commercially in several countries, including Israel and the Netherlands. There are also gladiolus farms in the United States that supply their products to flower producers around the world.

The wonderful family of gladioli has grown to include more than 2,000 varieties that are available in all imaginable colors, tones and structures. How did florists develop this seemingly infinite variety of the same flower?

Create new varieties

The breeder uses an instrument such as a camel hair brush to remove pollen from the stamen, the male part of one flower, and transfer it to the stigma, the female part, of another flower. Pollen is usually placed on the lower flowers of the host plant. Once that is done, the flower is locked in place to prevent natural pollinators such as bees or flies from affecting the results. To get a specific color or look, one type of gladiolus is crossed with another that has the desired characteristics.

This does not mean that the new stem or hybrid is a new type of flower. The potential of such a strain has always been present and trapped in the complex genetic code of the gladiolus. Through selective breeding, gladioli can be obtained in colors from light white to black red to dark purple. There are also gladioli with spots, spots, frills and double flowers. Some even have a slight odor.

Delicate beauty

Check out the flowers pictured here and the many types of happy ones. What a joy to see here is called neatness! As the petals expand, they reveal soft, wavy edges of lavender with darker lavender on the tips. There is a delicious touch of deep pinks and purples in the lower petals that lead to the neck of each flower.

Another variety called Orquídea Renda, which can also be seen here, makes it look so fragile that it would hurt the slightest touch. The florets rest on the stem while the long stamens protrude from the center of each colored neck. Other strains have impressive names like Sparkling Star, End of Dream, Red Alert, No Peer, and Silver Moon.

Growing gladioli

Gladiolus growers not only get the seeds of the flowers, but also harvest the bulbs, the bulbous underside of the flower stem. They also collect onions, small secondary bulbs that grow over the main bulbs.

Cultivated gladioli evolved mainly from African species. So they have their roots in the tropics, so to speak, and are very sensitive to weather. In some countries, they may not survive the cold winters, but they are fine in the hot summer months.

In colder climates, bulbs should be dug up at the end of the growing season and cleaned thoroughly. A new lightbulb has formed, and removing the old dead lightbulb from the bottom of the stem makes it easier for the new lightbulb to take root. Also, the pea-sized onions grouped in each onion must be removed. In cold weather, bulbs and lamps should be stored in a cool, dry place with temperatures above zero.

Once planted, each rhizome loses thin leaves and by the end of the growing season the flower has grown into a mature rhizome. When these bulbs are planted the following season, they will grow into lush, flowering adult plants.

In temperate climates, planting can begin in early spring. The timing of planting is not that critical in hot climates. Ideally, bulbs and bulbs should be planted in moist, slightly acidic soil. They should be where they can get sunlight as the gladioli don't look good in the shade.

The bulbs can be spread out in an 8 cm deep groove and then covered with soil. Onions, on the other hand, must be planted 13 cm deep. To avoid overcrowding in a vegetable garden, medium-sized onions should be planted about seven centimeters apart and the largest onions ten to twelve centimeters apart. If you carefully clean and plant your gladiolus bulbs, after a few months you will be rewarded with an indescribable display: the rich and fragile beauty of gladioli.

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5 months ago
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