Michael Jackson, Elvis, Prince, and Tupac Shakur will Return to Earth via UFO to Spread DOGE

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Michael Jackson, Elvis Presley, Prince, and Tupac Shakur will Return to Earth via UFO to Spread DOGEcoin, predicts crypto-enthusiast and professional onanist Dana Alcala

UFO header image credited to Peter Lomas at Pixabay.




FUD is everywhere. It's so prevalent that we can almost breathe it in. However it takes a keen sense of smell to detect its foul stench. It hits the best of us. You could be going about your day and suddenly a news article rears its head, telling you that crypto is bad. It's evil. It's destroying the planet that you live on. Crypto will be the end-of-days! Or maybe a prominent, rich, white man who is admired by rich, white men the world-over sends out a tweet saying that he had no clue until now that, while he was accumulating a hoard of BTC Core, there was an environmental impact caused by its existence.

Don't listen to the FUD. Crypto is the future. Crypto is now.

This is money now. Deal with it.

It is true that crypto currency has an environmental impact. It is also true that the internet has an environmental impact. Everything we do as human beings has an environmental impact. But we don't stop using the internet, do we? We don't regress into a pre-Industrial Revolution lifestyle in the interest of saving the planet. No! We progress at all costs!

Well, maybe we should change that a little bit. The "...all costs" bit is catching up with us. It's long overdue that we adopt alternatives to fossil fuels. It's not impossible. Yes, it will cost us a boat load of money. But what will the costs be if we don't? Because humans aren't going anywhere... until we don't have a choice in the matter.

If you're wondering about the absurdity of this article's headline, it's a parody of an article that my friend sent to me this morning. He had 'heard somewhere' that DOGE was no longer mineable. I said, "Link or it didn't happen." This is the link he sent me: Dogecoin will migrate from proof-of-work to proof-of-stake to make it viable, predicts head of crypto lending platform. Obviously he had initially read the headline wrong, and I poked fun at him a bit about it. But it's also my point. Whether or not we're reading the headlines correctly, FUD is being spread everywhere. Instead of spreading our legs and buttholes for Elon Musk's next tweet, we need to think critically, and as always, DO YOUR OWN RESEARCH.

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