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Flipping Out in the Juungle

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1 year ago

Has it really been three months?

It feels like it was just yesterday when I started my NFT journey. Although I have been exploring other markets and blockchains recently, I owe my NFT beginning to Juungle and Bitcoin Cash.

When I first started, Juungle was in extremely early development, but I was already getting sales. I may not be part of the team but as an agent and as an artist I am proud of the Juungle team and I am proud to show you their new Flipstarter:

In three months' time it's nothing short of amazing what they've been able to accomplish. However with Bitcoin Cash being so far behind in the NFT market, it has been my firm belief that Juungle's success, and the success of the NFT market on Bitcoin Cash, relies on the support of the Bitcoin Cash community. We don't want to let this prime chance at adoption to slip through our fingers.

I'll be blunt: Give these guys your money. They've been working non-stop at making Bitcoin Cash a viable alternative to expensive ETH markets, and they need our support to rocket the market to the moon. You may or may not be "into" the NFT scene, but it doesn't mean it isn't there.

When you invest in Juungle, you invest in Bitcoin Cash.

I wish JT, Joey, Huerte, the rest of the team, the artists and agents (including myself) the best of luck at getting this Flipstarter done as quickly as possible. I believe in you!

$ 6.39
$ 5.00 from @blockparty-sh
$ 1.19 from @TheRandomRewarder
$ 0.15 from @Constant1995
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