Increase the light increase the fire

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No body can be in light and remain small, you can not be in light and still remain in the village,if you are a career of light you must produce result,in Isaiah 60:1—3 when a man is covered with darkness he will not do what others are doing, you need to increase your light and grow from light to glory.

You can not be in lesser light and count millions,in Genesis 1:16 if you are just light you are useless, when you are greater you rule, some people are stars but they are not ruling, the greater the light, the greater the adversment, darkness has the power to covered the light, darkness is a force,it can push and it can cover, light can push friend away,it can scattered and destroy,if you dont carry light in your inside,then you are not light, don't just shine but shine greater and greater, there's a level of light you are and you attract people's.

What you can do to see light:

1) the word you speak,in Psalm 119:9 says the word of the Lord is light, the word you speak can curse and transmit light,God himself in Genesis 1:1—3 spoke a word and there was light, there are word you speak you enter into a very big trouble, and there are word you speak they sentence you to jail, and there are word you speak you loss your job, speaking word brings light, the word you speak can curse light.

2) what you do, in Exodus 10:22 God told Moses stretched forth they hand and after that simple action and there was light, there a little things you can do can put food on the table, those that are in darkness does not know what to do, there things you can do in these world and you see light, you can help a widow or an orphan and you see light.

Sign that you are in darkness;

1) lack of building

2) lack of progress

3) poverty

4) fight

5) Laziness

6) lack of ingenuity and

7) lack of petronage.

Closing thoughts;

If you have some much money and you are not in Christ Jesus, you are in darkness, light can not come by manipulation, light comes only by command,it is what you do that curse light, light is a Command and darkness is also a command, you can have light by command and you can command by darkness.

Thanks for reading

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Light would always trump darkness and as you have said, it's a command. If we don't instruct it by making it obvious, darkness has the right to prevail. We cannot serve two masters.

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