Your Life Has Possibilities

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3 years ago

Hey, Stop that!

Don’t do that, don’t end yourself like that, stop those thoughts going on in your mind that condemn you because of a past mistake, stop those voices speaking inside you that want you to go suicidal.

Oh! They forget! Those voices only remind you of how much you may have failed in life or how bad you are at one thing or another, they bring up the pictures of people mocking you and you standing before them ashamed, they compare you with others and say to you that they are way better that you are.

Well, you should stop them from weakening your inner strength. We don’t just die on the outside only, we can also die on the inside. Thoughts that don’t appreciate your existence can weaken you and in worst case make a person suicidal. When these bad thought and voices play within you, of all that they tell or show you, they don’t tell you of your future. If you kill yourself now, you would end a lifetime from existence. Think of the children that could come to this Earth through you and the life of those you could bless if only you give your life a chance. You could be the next president of your country tomorrow, who knows? You could become the next business tycoon who would provide employment to thousands and people and help save the finance of thousands of families, both home and abroad. You could become the inventor of next mind blowing invention or the next person to discover a cure to a disease that would save the lives of thousands of people. You see, there a lot of things you could do a call or become.

But why all these possibilities being discussed? Why list so many things a person could be in life? It’s simply because not until you live to see the future, from a mere human view, you can’t conclude on it. This means that there is a future ahead of you and if you end your life today by committing suicide or by reckless living, you would terminate a lifetime of many possibilities.

As you live from day to day, think of the many good things that could come out from your life, how your existence on Earth could benefit humanity if only you take it seriously. Don’t live selfishly, your death today would be loss to the world someday because some day, in this world, problems will arise, problem which you were born to solve. Don’t live your life with just your immediate or current circumstances in view but live your life as one who has the potentials for many possibilities, live with faith that in one way or the other, you would benefit humanity with your life since in the first place, your existence on Earth is a gift from God to the world.

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