Stand Up To Your Fear

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3 years ago

Stand up to your fear

Face that fear, who? You! Yes, you reading this article!

Look at that fear like it has eyes that you can look into, look into it’s eyes, facing it as though it has no strength over you. You have potentials, dreams, visions, you dream big, have a large imaginative mind but are belittled by your fear. That limiting factor that isn’t even real. It comes to you with memories, memories of past failures or witnessed occurrence of the failure of others.

Hear this, dear reader, there’s no great man who didn’t have to stand up to his fear. We are humans and are subject to having emotions but we are not subject to these emotions, we can rise and ride above them and live as though they don’t exist by exercising the power of our will over them. One of such emotions that you must live above is FEAR.

You could find a man with gifts talent, one who may be skilled and good at what he does, one who is educated but lurking in smallness and poverty all because he is afraid, he nurses fear within him and most times, he does this subconsciously. Such a person could blame his circumstance on the government for being unable to provide jobs enough for her people, for which reason he couldn’t secure one, or he could blame his circumstance on the society for the corrupt practices that it supports when it comes to securing a job for which reason still, he couldn’t secure a job. He forgets that his life is in his hands and not the government’s nor the society’s and there are so many things he could achieve that would end his problems and make his life better of only he could break through his fear give his potentials a try, put them to the test.

See people who have potentials have limited themselves to their degree. Some have been living below their destined life on Earth because they limit the achievements they can make in life to a job. Some spend years trying to procure one but skill, after so long, can’t find one. Sorry to say this, no billionaire ever made his billions by working with a job. If you get out of college and do not have a job, search within you, there’s a lot you could find, some untapped flow abilities which could put you out of smallness and put food on your table and the table of others as well. Rise above that fear who speaks the words: “will what I am about to do work?” Off course, no good thing comes easy but it eventually will come.

Great men in history who till today are still regarded, had their stories. They had their times of failures and loneliness. Those times when you fail and it seems as though everyone around you abandons you and you feel lonely within and see it without. Your failures don’t define you, what you do when you fail, that’s what tells us who you are! These men mastered the act of looking beyond their immediate circumstance, setting their eyes on the mark through persistence and self encouragement, reminding themselves that the voice of their fear isn’t real and it’s words are lies, therefore no matter the failure they may encounter, it doesn’t matter more than the success they want to achieve, so they try again.

The road to becoming great isn’t easy but it’s worth taking. So, start your journey today and live up to your potentials, don’t reduce yourself in life, I know that there could be trying times where a job is compulsory but I am against getting one but I am against a man living below his potentials. If the job isn’t forth coming, look inside you, there’s a potential you can maximize to put bread on your table and on the table of others, find it and harness it.

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