Relationships? Why?

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3 years ago
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Relationships? Why do you want to get into one?

People choose to do things for personal reasons which are actually reasonable while some others do things with no actual reasonable reason. What defines your actions is the motive or purpose for taking them. When the purpose for a thing is not known or is lost, abuse creeps in.

When the term relationship is used in the article, it is within the context of that which involves an unmarried man and an unmarried woman

As a person, when you begin to involve others in your life, you should be more responsible in defining the purpose for which you allowed them in in the first place.

Some people have lost good friendship with others just because they abused it, most of them lacked the sense of purpose so there was no reason at heart.

To set up on the long journey, you certainly must have a reason. Why do you want to travel that far? If there is no reason, the stress of taking such a journey which involves hours to traveling would be in vain. You would cause yourself discomfort, maybe. Just as it is with a journey without a purpose, so it is for a relationship without a purpose, there should be a reason and one which is non-partial.

Some people get into relationship for fun, others for friendship and many others for one reason or the other. All the same there has to be a purpose. In my opinion, the purpose for a relationship between man and a woman should be marriage. Yeah! You could save yourself some emotional trauma if only you learn to define your purpose for entering into a relationship well in the first place, that purpose should be marriage.

If you are not getting married anytime soon, you have no business getting into a relationship. I mean, it’s going to take your time and task your emotions and it won’t be worth it if you don’t have marriage in view. When your emotions gets missed up someone else’s, it’s no joke, you are really in for it. Don’t play with someone’s heart, if you’re not getting them anywhere meaningful, please let them go. There’s no point in wasting someone’s time when in the end you would end your relationship with them nowhere.

Let me say this, ladies have expectations and as a guy, if you get in a relationship with a lady and you just want to have fun, you don’t want marriage, you ain’t leading them where they want to be, please let them be, save them the time and emotional stress, let them find someone who would get them to the alter where every lady would want her days of courting to end.

If you want to have fun, you can but don’t have fun with someone else’s heart, it’s no toy!

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3 years ago
Topics: Life, Reality, Family