One Step Away

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You could be step away...

…One step away from that Glory Land. When a rock is struck to the end that it be shattered, it's not the last strike that breaks the rock but the strikes that came before it. Although the last strike shattered the rock, but it wasn't the only reason that made the rock break. Consider this, what if the rock was abandoned after hitting it many times? What if the last strike wasn't given to the rock? Off course it won't shatter because a last strike is needed to break the rock. When you want something, you go for it, you do what you can to achieve it, but when it doesn’t come as you may have expected, the temptation of giving up always shows up. What if you give up at that point, the point when you have tried so much, after putting in so much effort, spent time and money? For me, I count it as a waste of time, a waste of time to start a thing and put in so much, only to give up at the end. Failure isn’t sweet, it’s expensive also, but all my efforts won’t be worth it if I just gave up. You may say, ‘What if I don’t succeed?, What if I don’t get to the place that I have so much dreamt about?'. Here’s my answer: What if you succeed and finally get to your place of desire?

We most times look at the bad side and forget that life is too sided. There’s the good and the bad.

You may never know, you could just be one step away from your success; if you give up now, you may not arrive there. Think about where you started from, how much efforts you have put in to get where you want. It may be that you have left some things behind and sacrificed a lot. Reflect on these things and find out that you have come too far to give up now. That’s what I tell myself when I have gone far, when I am tired and tempted to give up. I just remind myself of how far I have come, with my eyes still fixed on my destination, I reflect on how much I have sacrificed, how much I gave up just to pursue my dream, and also, the thought that I might just be one step away from my goal, I simply conclude that I have come too far to give up now.

That could be your conclusion too when you are tempted to give up. All you need is a little faith in yourself and your dreams, you could be one step away from achieving them.

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