Money? Why?

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3 years ago

Money, why do you need it?

Our motives define our actions. Why we want something is a big question, one that should be answered personally.

Why do you want to be rich?

When you make your reasons clear enough you would have yourself on the path where you would control money and not money controlling you. State out your reasons so that you do not find yourself in the situation where you are found abusing money.

Many people abuse the riches they have acquired because they didn’t state out their purpose for having it in the first place. When you know why you want money, you would walk in line with that cause and you can easily retrace your steps when you discover that you are drifting off course.

Money can control and be controlled. The way you see it determines which scenario you would find yourself in. Adopt a right attitude towards money so that it doesn’t control you when you finally have it, especially when you have it in abundance.

Money is useless when it can’t be spent, realize this so that you don’t worship money as others who lack the right knowledge of what money truly is, do. There are things that matter more than money, things that money can’t buy.

Have the right motivation for wealth acquisition, let the reasons why you want money be such thar would put smiles on your face and the face of others. Nothing is so beautiful as putting smiles on people’s faces, making someone’s life worth living again, giving the homeless, homes, the hungry, food to eat, those who the society have given up on, help so that they can build their lives again. These are good reasons to have money. Being rich shouldn’t be to show off, it shouldn’t be just for impressi g someone, it shouldn’t be for selfish purpose only as these are the ways money takes over the behavior of people through the vulnerability of their human nature.

Let your reasons be such that would leave marks in the sands of time and memories in the hearts of men; let your reasons be impactful.

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3 years ago