Learn To Stop Where You Planned

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3 years ago

Learn to follow the plan and stop where you planned to.

This intelligence will save you a lot especially from our common human attribute, ‘greed'. Most of us make this mistake often; we to achieve a certain goal, so we strategize and reason how we want to achieve what we want. The strategies we put in place can only last us till we achieve that set goal, after that, a new plan/strategy has to be formulated because you only looked into the future as far as you wanted to achieve at first. When your goal pursuit finally starts and fortunately, the goals are achieved, at that point, the previous plan/methods may not be enough to carry you through to the achievement of another goal, hence the need for a new one. What you ought to do at that point is to stop and begin formulating a new plan and method but most of us rather would continue without giving a break, not even a space to re-plan and re-strategize. This action could turn into a mistake and even into a failed process. When you set a goal and you achieve it, learn to stop where you marked to avoid decisions and actions made outside plan. This is useful for accountability and helps make a process reproduceable.

Don’t make the mistake of stretching your legs outside the lines a drew in your plan, learn to stop when you have achieved your goals. If you want to move beyond your set mark, re-plan and re-strategize so you don’t work randomly without a view of how you intend achieve your set goal. Don’t get me wrong, I am not against stretching your limits, but I advice that you should stop when you achieve your goals, take a break in which you should make new plans and develop new methods that would carry you through the new process of achieving your newly set goals.

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