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What does it mean?

According to the English dictionary, Influence is the power or ability to affect, control or manipulate something or someone. This means that influence is power and any who has it has power, power over some one or something. We live in a world driven by influence, where the lifestyle of one person can affect the behavior, thought pattern or the entirety of someone else’s life.

This subject has it’s advantages or positive effects as well as it’s dangerous or negative effects in the lif of a person. The celebrities in the world today have a great deal of influence on the youths of this current generation. A certain music or movie star could get a hair do or wear a new cloth of a unique fashion and soon it would become the trend that many other people, beginning with his/her fans, would want to have. It’s simply because that star has in way or another an influence on these individuals and hence, affects their decision making. Just because that famous star wore that dress, you too would want to have one. Though, you are not to blame but if you’d notice, you will find out that you have been influenced by that person.

If we would realize why we choose to do the things we do, wear the clothes we wear or even use the phones we use, we see that a certain percentage of our decision making is as a result of the effect of another person’s lifestyle on ours. People could get influenced by the people they live with and the kind of life style they observe of others. In the case of children, they could get influenced by family members, friends, neighbors, or the major trend for this generation, the internet/media.

Influence can have good effects on us as well as bad ones. We must decide to or not to be influenced by someone or by someone through the things that we see or hear. Many have had their lives made better by allowing a positive influence on them while some others have had their lives destroyed but the the negative influence they came allowed in their lives. It’s up to you to decide. And as for kids, to curb their level of influence, monitor what they hear and see as these are the fastest way to become influenced a for kids. Make the right choice, choose what and who influences you and choose wisely.

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