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Challenge is an ever occurrent aspect of life, it’s something that doesn’t just go away from us no matter how much it may affect our life. Sometimes, things don’t become challenges until we see them that way. Those things that should make a man weak, to some persons, it may make them strong and eventually stronger, and to others, it may make them weak and eventually weaker. What diffentiates these two classes of people? It’s the manner in which they see things. Some take their discouragements and failures as a challenge to become bigger and stronger while some others take those unpleasant occurrence as their last step to becoming someone great in life. No matter who you think you are, challenges don’t respect your personality and they must come to you. Your victory over them will be determined by how you handle them, what you allow them to do to you.

We can become someone great if only we know how to manage our challenges and use them for our benefit.

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