5 Of Wands - Tarot Meaning In Love, Money, And Career!

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When shuffling my deck today, I drew the 5 of wands. This is a very unique card, which represents disagreement and competition. I was fascinated writing this article and learning some insight into why I argue or fight! I also found some really cool decks that I linked to in each picture and caption. The artwork on some of these cards completely blows me away!

The 5 of Wands is a card of conflict and varying beliefs, which is common amongst the other "5's" present in the Minor Arcana. The suit of wands represent creative energy, spirituality, and intuition, and represents the element of fire. The Wands suit correspond with the suit of 'clubs' in a typical playing card deck. Our desire to succeed, get ahead, think of new ways to do things, and inner drive are all associated with this suit. The wands suit has a strong masculine characteristic to it, and can be very fiery and intense.

The Rider Tarot Deck

As you can see in the picture, the 5 of Wands is full of conflict and misunderstanding. 5 men stand near each other holding their 'wands' into the air. Each of the 5 men are wearing a different color outfit, which represents differences in opinion or belief. You'll notice in the card that none of the 5 wands are actually making contact with the others. It looks to me like the men are using the wand as a form of intimidation, but none of them are willing to back down. They don't want to strike one another, but each of them wants to be recognized as the 'alpha' or the 'top dog' so to speak.

I've caught myself many times trying to pick fights or arguments.... just to fight! We've all played the devils advocate at one time, disagreeing for no reason than to verbally spar. We enjoy the rush of flexing our mental muscle, and no one wants to feel like they 'lost' or were outwitted. This is why disagreements can get so heated and intense at times. The men may just be trying to assert dominance, or they just enjoy the rush and intensity that conflict can bring out in one another.

5 Of Wands Keywords


  • Disagreement

  • Discourse

  • Chaos

  • Dominance

  • Strife

  • Arguments

  • Tension

  • Misunderstanding

  • Competition

  • Conflict


  • Resolution

  • Avoiding Confrontation

  • Peace

  • Understanding

  • Agreement

  • Compromise

  • Cooperation

  • Harmony

  • Solution

  • Teamwork

5 Of Wands Upright

Cats Eye Tarot Deck

The 5 of Wands upright indicates a disagreement of some type, and neither party is willing to compromise or give in. If you're experiencing conflict in your life, it would be wise to listen and be objective. "Better to be thought a fool, then open your mouth and remove all doubt." Trying 'removing yourself' from the disagreement or conflict and reframing or looking at it from another point of view. I bet the first man to 'lower their wand' and stand quietly, would be the one that receives the most respect. We all want to be heard, and to have our voices acknowledged and recognized. This is impossible to do when we talk over one another, or multiple voices are speaking at the same time.

Conflict doesn't always have to be bad! Sometimes conflict can be constructive, like when you're trying to solve a difficult problem. You may come to a conclusion faster if you hear the opinion of someone with a different perspective. Having a diverse group of friends or mentors in your life can offer you into insights that you may not notice or think of. Differences of opinion don't always have to end poorly. Brainstorming new ideas, and getting a little heated or passionate about something can motivate and inspire others.

5 Of Wands Reversed

Aquarian Tarot Deck

When the 5 Of Wands is reversed, it indicates harmony and unity in the group. There is no reason to compete with one another, everyone would rather just create. Cooperation is key, and teamwork makes the dream work! The 5 of Wands reversed is one of only a few reversed cards that can have a positive meaning. You can also feel alignment and harmony on the inside as well. You haven't been 'battling' with yourself over a tough decision you're facing. The internal struggles and feeling pulled in different directions is over, and you have a greater awareness of the 'right choices'.

Be aware of what you may be holding back, or trying to avoid. The reversed 5 of Wands can indicate a 'bury your head in the sand' mentality. You are having trouble with conflict of any kind, so you do whatever it takes to avoid it. Whether it's inner conflict, relationships, or responsibilities, by bottling things up you are only hurting yourself. Depending on what it is, the conflict will still need to be addressed at some point, and it probably won't get better the longer you wait to acknowledge it. You feel better when you get things that are important to you, out in the open!

5 Of Wands Love

Lovers Path Tarot Deck

The 5 Of Wands Love meaning can be difficult to handle when drawn. You can see from the picture above that the man and woman are clearly having a 'disagreement'. Also notice in the background is another man......awkward. If you're single, this could mean that you have multiple potential partners expressing interest in you at the same time. It could also mean that you are the one having to compete for the attention of your love interest. There is a combative, and competitive nature about the 5 of wands. You want to come out on top, but don't try too hard! Just remember that coming on too strong, or being desperate can lead to even more distance or misunderstanding.

If you're in a relationship, the 5 of wands is saying that even small annoyances can quickly turn into explosive fights. You or your partner may be going out of their way to start a fight, or create some type of chaos. If you happen to be on the receiving end of this chaos then do your best to be patient, and just listen. Keep calm and collected, so that you can diffuse the situation and get your point across. Find 'happy mediums', or a compromise that satisfies everyone.....and ask yourself if maybe it's you creating this chaos.

I also found this Lovers Path 5 of Wands card so interesting for another reason.... I noticed that it appears the woman also carries a shield with her. Did she already expect what was coming, and she wanted to come prepared for the 'battle' ahead? She has the ability to better defend herself from the 'attacks' (verbal sparring, digs, sarcasm) with her 'shield' (patience, understanding, empathy). While she waits patiently the man eventually tires out, but her mind is still fresh and sharp. She can now better express her point, explain how she's feeling, and be a voice of reason. Take that interpretation however you will xD.

5 Of Wands Finances/Career

Royal Thai Tarot Deck

The 5 Of Wands in finances and career can signify a possible financial struggle at the moment. You work hard, but at the end of the month you're looking at your account and wondering; "Where did it all go...?". Take time to revisit your budget and find out where your money is really going. You may realize there are multiple financial obligations you need to fulfill, but want to make a definite decision on just one. There may be conflicting opinions about finances that you're receiving from others, which makes you question what's best. Objectively listen to any financial advice, and then use the information to make a well informed decision.

When the 5 of Wands is drawn in response to a career reading, it can represent the competition that you have at work. Trying to 'climb the corporate ladder', and beat out the rest of your coworkers who are trying to do the same. Everyone is competing against one another to be the best, and come out on top. This is especially true for sales related careers, commission based pay, or marketing positions. This isn't necessarily a bad thing for someone in those professions, who derives motivation from competition.

This was such a fun and interesting card to write about. Tell me what you think, or what conflicts/disagreements you're dealing with right now. Do you feel like you're avoiding conflict, keeping things inside? Are there other suitors who are pursuing your love interest? I would love to hear from you and get another perspective!


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