My Ghost Experiences (Part 1)

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2 years ago

I was only 6 years old then I had experience with ghosts, ghosts of broken hands....

the first night that happened to me I didn't pay attention to it because I thought it was just my sister because my family and I were sleeping somewhere. On the second night someone was touching me again, I still didn't pay attention to it until one night after another he was touching me on my head.

So i was curious and I waited for the hand that was touching my head because that is, I thought that my sister was just fooling me and when i touched it the finger, I was surprised because i though my sister's finger was only thin but the finger I touched was fat. I quickly pulled it out to see whose hand was bothering me every night ... our light was turned off but I could see the hand because our window was a little open. I was just startled and scared and it seemed like I couldn’t scream because the hand I saw was broken. I sniffed it and hit our drawer hurriedly get my blanket and covered my head/body after that happened I did not sleep that night.

my cal vary was over, and the nights passed without any trouble bothering me. and one morning I woke up at 5:00 am I was still covered and I just felt a hand crawling towards my neck as if it wanted to strangle me so I turned around and screamed in fear because I was disturbed again by broken hand. When I shouted, my mother and father woke up and I told them what had happened to me the previous nights. I also found out that I was not the only one who was disturbed by the broken hand because it was also experience here in our city.

My second experiences was being see a lived WHITE LADY, i was 16 years old. One night my sister told me to buy 2 kilos of rice while I was walking It was raining and the atmosphere was quiet It was like the subdivision was quiet I didn't hear anything except the howl of the dog and the mist I walk quietly every time I walk because I'm the only one who walks I know that The Signs when the dog howls There is a visible ghost that is not quiet Or a soul that has not yet accepted his death So it shows the Animal I've been sold rice I'm walking home The mist still doesn't stop And the howl of the dog Every time I pass that's what I hear As I walk home I see A white lady floating near the gate of our neighbor and next to her the locked dog I was shocked to see that there was floating Dressed in white I looked at her I only saw her light! I noticed was looking at him, but I immediately avoided looking at her.

That's why every time I go to bed I pray before going to sleep because it is important to pray before going to bed and by the mercy of god I was always praying I never felt such a terrible event again .. until I just blinked what I could see

and that's where the calvary I experienced with the crawling hand ends......

I just wanna say Thankyou to @mhy09 because she was inviting me here.

Enjoy reading!

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hala grabe, baka lalaki yan at may gusto sayo...hehe bukas siguro 3rd eye mo, you're welcome sis may pa mention akala ko kung sino may nagnotif kase

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