The Explanation Why Mood Can Affect Your Self-Motivation!

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Have you ever found yourself lacking the desire to undertake something? In actuality, I used to get pretty fired up, but not anymore. Furthermore, whether it is a duty Wow, working on it is incredibly challenging. However, this is actually highly likely. The cause is that mood swings cause you to lose motivation.

Humans' internal processes that influence the development of intentional conduct are known as motivational processes. Simply put, it is a self-motivation to take action and move toward the desired outcome.For instance, if you want to receive an A in a certain course, you will be motivated to learn.

American psychologist Abraham Maslow relates this to two theories, namely the hierarchy of motivation and basic human needs. Starting from the need to eat & drink (physiological), security, love & be loved, appreciated, knowledge (cognitive), to aesthetic needs (beauty).

Where, humans will act or attempt to fulfill each level of these needs. That means, the process also involves motivation. So, it can be likened to fuel that determines whether an engine will move or stay still. Like fuel too, there must be things that can affect its quality and have the same impact on engine performance.

The Power of Your Own Personality

It's true that your mood might affect your ability to motivate yourself. Another way to define a mood is through a brief emotional state that lasts only for a moment. Therefore, emotions or complex reaction patterns involving experience, behavior, and physiology are still connected to mood. It is, in essence, a series of responses that develop in response to a specific issue or occurrence.

Okay, now let's talk about the connection between motivation and mood.

The arousal theory explains how these two things are related to one another. This is related to passion, lust, enthusiasm, or awakening, according to the Psychology Mania article titled "The Relationship Between Emotions, Motivation, and Cognitive Processes." This includes the reverse.

Therefore, a person's degree of arousal has a significant impact on how motivated they are. Similar to gasoline and engines, poor fuel quality will also affect how well an engine performs. Don't be shocked; if your mood, a fleeting emotion, is disturbed, your spirit may also decline.

So how do you make it better?


Energize Your Spirit!

Still having trouble developing your own motivation? Here are some suggestions for enhancing your mood.

  • Go over your goals once more. This technique might assist you in determining how realistic the timeline set forth to accomplish a goal is. Perhaps you need to combine many goals into a more manageable group. 
    Keep in mind your initial motivation! Using this technique, your spirit might reappear. 

  • Get inspiration from other people. This can be accomplished through reading books, listening to podcasts, or having a conversation with a mentor. That person can be a friend or a member of your family who shares your objectives.

  • Mindfulness. To get to your objective, you occasionally need to take a break from the journey. Take a break so you can be more mindful. This does not mean you stop and give up. If you haven't tried it yet, Riliv is a good place to start. You can pick from a wide range of meditation subjects, including those that boost motivation, depending on your needs.

Those are some of the reasons why mood can affect our motivation, besides that we also have to keep our feelings in a good mood, it's not easy but it's not impossible.

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