Living in a state of "Flow State"

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The endemic post-COVID-19 condition, which is now known by its new title, has had a significant impact on people's lives. beginning with the protest that the economic situation could not improve as before, the readjustment of kids who started school offline, and employees who suffered burnout or work stress owing to unreasonable demands.

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Many people dream that after a pandemic, things will go back to normal, but it's not that simple. It appears that endemic conditions necessitate further mental and physical adaptations on our part.

I want to know whether you have ever felt like there weren't enough hours in the day when dealing with a chronic situation that is demanding and takes a lot of adjustment. Feels like you're being pursued constantly? Even just to relax or spend some "me time" by myself, like there is no time?

The good news is that, unlike many of us, you are not alone. The labels "hustle culture" and "toxic productivity," which describe the phenomenon of working furiously to achieve success to the point of forgetting about physical health, mental health, and everyday requirements, have emerged due to the high level of stress that has recently emerged.

The numerous motivational sayings, such as "work hard until you die," "success only comes to those who continue to pursue it," and similar expressions, seem to have caused today's youth to neglect other things.

Speaking of mental illnesses that are depressed owing to the numerous deadlines and tasks, it seems that a new term, "burnout," which is a state of extreme exhaustion and running out of energy due to routine, has also emerged.

Particularly for individuals who juggle multiple responsibilities at once, such as being a wife, mother, official, or worker, it is still necessary for them to plan events and participate in their places of worship, etc. Of course, it results in tension and exhaustion.

Let's pause for a moment and consider whether it is true that all of these designations, standings, and pursuits are made in service to the interests and well-being of numerous people.

Or do we simply require several positions and accomplishments at once because we feel "insecure"? We each take a peek inside. Every person, in reality, experiences this "insecure" sensation and takes a variety of actions to live a "better" or "powerful" existence.

This makes sense given that we are regular people who have been endowed by the Creator with a variety of abilities for both our own and other people's good. But we must be mindful of our own limitations, including those related to our physical stamina, mental capacity, and—most importantly—knowing where we stand right now. Are we operating within the proper parameters?

Are we truly enjoying the pace of our current activities, returning to the subjects of "hustle culture" and "toxic positivity"? Or do you frequently feel worn out and exhausted after a day of activities? If you encounter the second circumstance, perhaps we should clarify what a "flow state" is. When we are in a flow state, time stops, and it feels like it has passed after three hours of work. The flow state is that.

When engaged in a task, we tend to "forget" about the outside world because we are so intently concentrated. A very straightforward activity can induce a flow state. from cooking to plant maintenance. Another option is simply conversing with friends. We don't feel as though three hours have passed, and we are content afterward. It turns out, though, that spending too much time in the "comfort zone" and doing unnecessary things, like lying down for too long or reading through social media, will prevent one from reaching the flow state condition.

When the task or stressor is balanced with our skill set, the flow state condition will truly be felt. For instance, if you enjoy tinkering with motorcycles, you can find yourself continuously intrigued to disassemble a new motorcycle that you have never encountered. It doesn't feel like it for hours, and then it's dark because you're looking for new methods to modify the bike. A sense of internal challenge, curiosity, and enjoyment of the task permeates the experience. Due to how much you enjoy the exercise, you won't feel bored or worn out.

So, how do we enter the flow state? Flow is defined by three factors: absorption, enjoyment, and intrinsic motivation.

The capacity for absorption is the capacity to focus on what is being done. Having fun while working is comforting. A driving force or, more commonly, an internal drive is intrinsic motivation. Therefore, in order to achieve a state of flow, you must pay attention to what you are doing and be totally present in the moment. You cannot multitask or let your mind wander while performing an activity.

Regular "mindfulness" meditation, which involves being completely aware of the circumstances right now, can be used to practice this. To achieve a state of absorption, the heart and mind must unite and concentrate solely on the present.

In order to create an environment conducive to enjoyment, it is also necessary to provide comfort, conditions, and circumstances that support activities, such as avoiding distractions of any kind, such as cellphones, social media, or noise and bustle, being in a comfortable and quiet room, and taking a few deep breaths to feel at ease and prepared to begin activities.

Finally, we need to develop intrinsic motivation, which comes from within. To do this, we must understand who we are, our strengths and weaknesses, as well as our favorite pastimes and activities.

It is hoped that we will be able to truly enjoy an activity until it dissolves or flows in it when there is internal desire or encouragement. Therefore, when we frequently experience this flow state, it will be simpler for us to appreciate life, feel happier, be more appreciative and focused, increase motivation, be more productive, increase creativity, make decisions more easily, and feel that the tasks we complete are more worthwhile and satisfying.

If it's like this, we'll undoubtedly be more "content" and able to lead better lives, right?

Because those who can benefit others the most are the actual people who truly live.

So how are we going to share the advantages if we don't even like the way our lives are going?

Enjoy your life with all of God's blessings and imperfections.

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