Avoiding reality won't make problems go away

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People approach hard situations in their lives in a variety of ways. Everyone has the right to choose his or her course of action, as we are the only ones who are accountable for our lives. However, learning from another person's mistakes or failures is actually just as vital as learning from one's own successes.

Numerous motivational seminars have been held up to this point, many of them with catchy names.

  • Is a quick route to success

  • You have the key to success

  • Everyone can achieve it

  • Change your destiny instantly

  • Following these steps to success, and more.

Of course, the objective is admirable—to inspire people to shake off their nightmares and get up and work hard so they might alter their fate. Efforts that unquestionably merit praise. But it appears that no seminar has yet addressed the question of "How to overcome failure" or "Facing failure, what to do?" This title may become unpopular because it lacks attractiveness and is hardly a selling factor.

Never expect success if you're afraid to try.

Success means different things to different people. Graduating is already an achievement for a student. A farmer only considers himself successful when the harvest is bountiful and brings in a respectable sum of money. For a writer, publication and the creation of a best seller are prized achievements. Success, in a broad sense, can be defined as when someone is successful in realizing their dreams.

But until it becomes a reality, it is only a hope or a dream. There are gaps in the landscape that must be crossed. A period of time must pass before things can reach the point where hopes materialize. Failure occurs when there is no bridge or when the bridge is damaged.

In response to failure

  • Blame others

  • Blame the situation

  • Trying to escape from reality

  • Hopeless


We can be certain that if this is an option when facing failure, then this kind of person will never recover from adversity since they are unable to accept reality.

It should be, even if it is undoubtedly quite painful, but we must have the fortitude to steadfastly face this hard fact. Because escaping reality by abusing alcohol or fleeing won't make the issue go away; it will only make it worse.

The best motivation in situations like this is ourselves. Persuade yourself that failure is a rung on the success ladder. It is generally accepted that people who have never failed will never succeed in life.

Restart from scratch

We need a strong mentality for that since having to start again from scratch in the midst of the road is incredibly difficult. But in order to succeed, there is only one way to proceed. When we encounter difficulties, if our actions halt, our career is over. After that, we will live in hopelessness.

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