SLP Farming Guide: Making The Most SLP In Axie Infinity

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In Axie Infinity, the income typically comes in the form of Smooth Love Potion (SLP). This income can be done in many ways, including quests, arena mode, and adventure mode that would be explained in the post. Each has its benefits and drawbacks, though some are likely to be better than others. For quests that are casually done while playing Axie Infinity, it is a must, but the choice between adventure mode and arena mode may be a difficult one, depending on the skill level and Axies held as the better the Axies, the better the team, and so the more likely to win. In this post, most of the main methods of gaining SLP via playing Axie Infinity will be explained, pointing out the best strategy to make the most SLP.

SLP Overview

Before going into the methods of earning SLP in Axie Infinity, it is first important to know what SLP is, otherwise, you would be making money blind. SLP in simple is the in-game currency of Axie Infinity that runs the game. SLP has no cap and is used to breed new Axies, coming either through playing Axie Infinity, buying through an exchange (e.g. Uniswap) or winning SLP in promotions/tournaments. When Axies are bred, the SLP will be burnt in return for the newborn Axie. Interestingly, Axie Infinity had a currency before SLP called XP (experience points) that was earned by playing through the old auto-battle system to breed, similar to idle heroes.

The price to breed in SLP is according to the breed count for each Axie, both having a maximum of 7. Each breed for an Axie makes the next breed more expensive to prevent Axie inflation, keeping Axie prices away from any crashes. Breed costs for each breed count are as follows:

  • First Breed: 100 

  • Second Breed: 200 

  • Third Breed: 300 

  • Fourth Breed: 500 

  • Fifth Breed: 800 

  • Sixth Breed: 1,300 

  • Seventh Breed: 2,100 

Breeding price is calculated with the following formula:

(1st Parents Breed # x Potions Required) x (2nd Parent’s Breed Count x Potions Required) = Total SLP Required

For example, breeding a 3 breed count Axie with a 1 breed count Axie will give (300+200+100)+100 = 700 SLP.

Earning SLP In Axie Infinity

In Axie Infinity, there are three main ways to earn SLP:

  • Quests

  • Arena mode

  • Adventure mode


Quests come daily, refreshing every 24 hours (midnight GMT, 8 pm EST, or 5 pm PST), so when doing quests, make sure that the times mentioned are not approaching soon, since when they come the quests will refresh, losing all progress for the previous quests. Completing daily quests gives 50 SLP, which is a decent amount. Considering the price of SLP around 20 cents, that is $10 a day only on quests.

To complete daily quests, the following needs to be done:

  • Do daily check-in

  • Complete any 10 Adventure mode levels (repeats allowed) 

  • Win 5 Arena matches

Since quests include adventure mode and arena matches, there would be additional rewards in completing daily quests.

Arena Mode

This is where players go up against each other according to their MMR rating, or the number of trophies held. The higher the trophies, the more experienced players a player would likely go against. The lower the trophies, the less experienced players a player would likely go against. This is similar to many other PvP (Player vs Player) games. 

The SLP won per game will be determined by the number of trophies held. They go as follows:

  • Under 800 - No SLP gained

  • 800-999 - 1 SLP per win

  • 1000-1099 - 3 SLP per win

  • 1100-1299 - 7 SLP per win

  • 1300-1499 - 8 SLP per win

  • 1500-1799 - 9 SLP per win

  • 1800-1999 - 10 SLP per win

  • 2000-2199 - 11 SLP per win

  • 2200+ - 12 SLP per win

Note that the SLP rewards are approximate. Withdrawing, normally half of the SLP rewards will be given of the player's trophy level. Rewards will not be given if winning arena mode too quickly (before round 5), so if you are close to defeating a player before round 5, stall the game until round 5 hits, then finish the player off to ensure the arena's match rewards. The purpose of this reward system is to prevent players from abusing the rewards, playing on multiple accounts, which even then is against the game's rules, or with a friend/relative and intentionally matching up against each other for one to constantly win over the other, giving quick SLP rewards. 

Adventure Mode

This is a more casual area of playing in Axie Infinity, going up against bots disguised as monsters, not Axies. Adventure rewards are maxed at 100 SLP per day. It is usually the easier way to farm SLP since levels can continuously be played and won, giving a reliable income of SLP. However, players more experienced would likely find arena mode more valuable, higher-ranked players gaining higher rewards. The SLP rewards for the level ranges of adventure mode are shown below: 

  • Level 1-4 - 1 SLP per win

  • Level 5-9 - 2 SLP per win

  • Level 10-14 - 4 SLP per win

  • Level 15-16 - 6 SLP per win

  • Level 17-20 - Random between 6-10 SLP per win

  • Level 21-36 - Random between 10-20 SLP per win

Note that rewards are approximate and subject to be different when playing within Axie Infinity. A benefit of adventure mode is the SLP drops given for defeating bosses within the adventure journey. These only happen once but are a considerable amount. There are currently two bosses:

  • Level 21 - 200 SLP

  • Level 36 - 300 SLP

Arena Vs Adventure Mode

For beginners, the adventure mode would be easier and reliable for earning an income for SLP. It has no time limit, meaning that there is an unlimited thinking time, unlike arena mode which I believe is either 30 seconds or 1 minute (more likely the latter one, though not 100% sure). There is also the nice SLP drops for defeating bosses, which is not usually received with arena mode. However, more experienced players would likely be more fond of arena mode from the higher potential rewards. I believe there is also AXS rewards for coming to certain ranks on the leaderboard, which is another benefit for high-skilled players. In the end, it is the player's preference, skill and Axie composition.

Disclaimer: The information above is not financial advice and is for educational and entertaining purposes. All information is of my personal opinion and is based on the research I have made. Any information on this article should not be mistaken as fact, and any decision with crypto means you need to DYOR (Do Your Own Research)

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