Day 2 - Digging Deeper Into The Crypto Mine

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2 years ago


Hello everyone and welcome to my second post of Vendata's journey of the crypto world! I first want to say how astonishing it was to find so many viewers and donations just after one post. It was personally expected that I will receive almost no views and donations, at most a few views and no donations, but I was surely wrong! I thank all who have donated and viewed my content to both earn crypto for themselves and me.

Today was another exciting day of research into the crypto world to find more answers to its enigmatic form. Answers were found, but only for a whole eruption of questions! There is still such much I do not know and left for me to discover, like gold ores lying hidden in the darkest depths of a mine. They will require skill, they will require strength, they will require endurance. However, after many days, weeks, and perhaps years, the crypto world may not be fully understood, but well enough to navigate through it with ease and purpose.

Background Knowledge

Let's go through the general mindset I have in crypto to set a scene of my thoughts about crypto. 

I have known crypto for quite a long time (a few years) and have gradually acquired knowledge regarding it, though only to a small extent. The big guns were mainly the concepts I learnt and knew. Ethereum, Bitcoin, and so forth, were the things that defined the crypto world for my past self. Of course, there is much more than that, and it needed the first leap into the crypto world to uncover the infinite magnificence and wonder.

Crypto was not a major subject through my previous life, focusing on other subjects which I was then interested in. I had not a clue of how it ran, how it grew, et cetera, only, as mentioned before, the big guns with their massive projects and profits. I found previously crypto as a place for money, to make huge profits by throwing money at cryptocurrencies and waiting for them to rocket. But I was wrong. It is not just for money in the crypto world, but also for privacy, for happiness, for expansion, and so much more.

Current Research

I have just recently started looking through crypto and have answers and questions, mostly the latter than the former, looming in my mind. Research has helped me a lot, and I have discovered a variety of basic knowledge about crypto, including altcoins and their purposes, exchange processes, and smart contracts with mining for a cryptocurrency.

I understand more of the crypto terminology and feel more connected with the community who rely on these terminologies to express their thoughts and opinions. It is extraordinary to find myself have some idea of the complex ideas the community talks about when discussing crypto. Conversations regarding crypto trends and news are quite easily understood by all, including me, but what is difficult to understand is the process of crypto, especially since each one has its own to carry out its business.

For example, the process to enable the successful functioning of Ethereum is vastly different from bitcoin. I do not know the exact details of each, but I know that the protocols to achieve an action on each of the cryptocurrencies are different, such as a smart contract. Another aspect I know with the difference between Ethereum and bitcoin is the purpose of each, driven by the procedures established within the cryptocurrency. Ethereum is more suited to private crypto services, having high reliability from itsmarket cap, and so many other cryptocurrencies are based on Ethereum to run its services. On the other hand, bitcoin is more versatile with less privacy involved, so it is employed in more public services not heavily concerned with their privacy, including real-world businesses. 

I would love to know more about bitcoin and Ethereum which essentially control the crypto world, continuing my research and sharing any further findings. If you have any information to give me on anything crypto-related, then I would appreciate it if you send a message about it down in the comments section.

Questions & Answers!

I have so many questions and answers about the crypto world! Not enough answers, but so many questions! I know that I will never know everything about the crypto world, always ignorant of its elaborate processes from every realm and sector. There will always be more questions than answers as long as the crypto world goes. I believe that everyone in the crypto community has more questions than answers just like me, which I am sure you will agree with.

What is this and what is that? Why does this do this? How does this work? These are just some of the questions I ask myself for each cryptocurrency I come across. Now, that is just one, and there are thousands of cryptocurrencies across the web: think how many questions I would have for the entire crypto world! And so the crypto world is a massive mine, no one able to discover every aspect of it, with me just at the entrance, taking the first steps into the mine.


Thank you to all that read through my post today, hoping that you enjoyed it. Just like the last post, I enjoyed writing it and still have the exciting fever in the crypto world: the power, the money (ca-ching!), the collaboration, the ideas, and so much more! If you have any questions or answers/advice to my article, please send them below, and I will read and reply if necessary to them as soon as possible.

Now comes the first steps into the infinite crypto mine, an entire collection of discoveries hidden in each crevice and shadow.

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