Theta 3.0 streaming platform's main network launch delayed until late June

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1 year ago

The launch of the Theta 3.0 core streaming platform network has been postponed from April 21 to June 30 because additional time will be needed to refine the new features. The developers will continue to work on introducing support for collectible tokens (NFT) to their platform and creating a market for them. There are also plans to refine the code to make the network work when scaling up to 100,000 nodes. A statement from the developers said, "Delays are never welcome, but it is better to delay, but to ensure a successful launch of the Theta 3.0 core network. There was a similar delay when Theta 2.0 was launched, but it resulted in a problem-free launch." Developers hope that Theta's high-performance network will be a great storage facility for NFT due to its near-zero fees and decentralization. To that end, there are plans to develop gateways to connect other blockchains, starting with Etherium. "It's very impractical to exchange $5-$10 worth of NFT when the commission is $2," the developers write. Since late February, THETA's exchange rate has increased fivefold to $14.9. In late 2020, Theta's core network received support for smart contracts, after which the cryptocurrency began to grow significantly. The $12.3 billion coin is now ranked ninth by CoinMarketCap.

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