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River of Life

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1 year ago

A man after a long life, goes to Heaven.

He looks around and sees the river. "What river is this?", the man asks.

"This is the river of your life. - God answers.

A man sees that somewhere the river is stormy, somewhere wide and calm.

And he notices traces along the river. "Whose footprints are these?", the man asks again.

"These are your footprints, so you went through your life," God says.

"And whose tracks are near? - a person asks once again, having noticed another footprints.

"These are mine, I have always been near you," God answers.

A person looked closely and noticed that in those areas of life that were the most difficult, you can only see one more footprints.

How so," the man exclaimed, "Why did you leave me in the hardest times?

God paused and answered: "In the hardest times I carried you in my arms.

We sometimes don't even know how much help we get from our colleagues, partners, and leaders.

Sometimes we take it for granted, as if it were meant to be.

But when you think about it and analyze, we're all connected and we can find a lot of support around us.

The most important thing for us is to accept this support when it is offered.

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Good one. Excellent written by you.

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1 year ago