Kraken "BTC could reach $90,000 and ETH could reach $15,000

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Analysts at cryptocurrency exchange Kraken presented a new monthly report that predicts bitcoin to rise to $90,000 after some correction. March was very successful for the leading cryptocurrencies - bitcoin and ether set new historical records, with BTC up 30% in March. This is the sixth bullish month in a row for the first cryptocurrency. Such a prolonged rise was recorded only in 2012-2013, when bitcoin grew for seven months in a row. Analysts expect bitcoin to continue growing in April, as it is historically a very successful month for BTC. In previous years, bitcoin grew by an average of 51% in April. If this trend continues, bitcoin may reach $90,000 as early as this month. Although, analysts emphasize that correction is quite possible and bitcoin rate may fall by $10,000 or $15,000. As for ether, analysts are even more positive. This year they expect the growth of ETH rate by 700%, to $15,200. If they are right, the capitalization of the second cryptocurrency will reach $1.7 trillion. However, correction to $1,500 is also possible in the coming weeks. Note that at the weekend the rate of the first cryptocurrency returned to $61,000. According to analysts from Bloomberg, bitcoin may reach $400,000 as early as this year.

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