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Jack Dorsey's first tweet sold as NFT for 1,500 ETH

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8 months ago

The auction for Twitter founder Jack Dorsey's first tweet in the form of a collectible token (NFT) was completed. The auction was won by Sina Estavi and paid 1,500 ETH ($2.55 million). The token was issued based on the Cent service and "signed" by Dorsey. Of course, the tweet itself will remain on the social network Twitter, and the CEO of the Malaysian startup Bridge Oracle received, in effect, a "digital certificate" for the message. Dorsey registered a new Etherium wallet to receive the funds, and the transaction was made through the cryptocurrency exchange Kraken. It had previously been reported that all proceeds would be immediately converted to bitcoin and transferred to Africa Response through the Give Directly service. Later Dorsey did indeed make the conversion and sent 50.875 BTC, confirming it with a message on Twitter. Sina Estavi, who won the auction, wrote in response, "It's not just a tweet! I think years from now people will understand its value, just like with the Mona Lisa painting." Recall that Dorsey put his NFT tweet up for auction in early March and within just 24 hours its price had risen to the $2.5 million offered by Estavi. In addition to the CEO of Bridge Oracle, Tron founder Justin Sun also participated in the auction, offering $1 million for the token. Earlier, the British auction house Christie's held the first auction with a lot in the form of NFT - a digital painting by the artist Beeple was sold for a record $69.3 million.

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