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Ingenious desserts with no baking and no fuss! 4 RECEPTIONS that will blow your taste buds away

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5 months ago

Cottage cheese roll with dried fruits

Cottage cheese 5% 500g

Milk 2,5% 50 g

Gelatin 6 g

dried apricots 70 g

Dates with bone 70 g

Dark raisins b/w 50 g

Coconut shavings 15 g

Per 100 g 166.3 kcal 12.6/4.4/20

Output 745g

Cheese jelly cake with fruits and berries

Cottage cheese 5% 500g

150g Cheese cream cheese

Strawberry 120g

Banana 140g

Orange (flesh) 120 g

Nectarine 120 g

25 gr gelatin

Water 130 ml

Honey 50g

Vanillin pinch

Per 100 g 109.2 kcal 8.6/4.4/9.2

Yield 1355g

Berry souffle with kefir

Strawberries (any berries) 200g

Kefir 3,2% 500 g

Gelatin 10 gr

Water 60 ml

Per 100 gr 52,2 kcal 3,2/2,2/4,5

Yield 770 g

Cheese and cottage cheese dessert

Cottage cheese 5% 500g

Gelatin 5g

Whey from cottage cheese (water, milk) 20 gr

Strawberry 160g

Hard cheese (Parmesan) 15g + 25g for icing

Honey 60g

For 100 gr 131,8 kcal 12,6/4,8/9,4

Yield 785g

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