Armed criminals steal $93,000 worth of BTC from tourists in Pakistan

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2 years ago

Three Pakistanis took five foreigners hostage and forced them to transfer $93,000 worth of BTC to the criminals' addresses. This is the first bitcoin-related robbery in Pakistan.

The criminals threatened the victims with weapons and forced them to transfer the cryptocurrency to their addresses. Two suspects have already been detained in the Pakistani city of Gujranwala. The third suspect, who is still at large, was named as the ringleader because he was the one who invited foreign nationals to Lahore to "make an investment.

Under the pretext of organizing a trip "to show the city," the suspects kidnapped five foreigners, including German and Swiss citizens. As a result, the robbers forced the hostages to transfer BTC worth $93,000 to them. According to police, the suspects were tracked down by license plate numbers.

Recall that last month in Hong Kong, four robbers lured a trader to her office and took from her HK$3.5 million from the sale of USDT tokens. In addition, in December, a Moscow businessman was deprived of 15 million rubles - unknown persons stole his backpack with cash, which he was going to use to pay for the purchase of bitcoins.

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