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Wake up Nigeria - Nigerians View Nigeria

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Written by   91
4 months ago

Which way forward??

It's so heart breaking and alarming

How we have been surviving all these years

Years of stagnancy

In a country where there's nothing for the poor

But the rich gets all they want

Imagine how miserable we are

We think we have a leader

Who sits and watches at how badly

Our people keeps getting hurt

Where our graduates could not

Even get jobs suitable to their

Area of specialization

Where kidnapping,Raping have

Become the order of the day

With no one to speak for us

Even those we look up to takes bribe

For their own selfish needs

Leaving us to our own pain and sorrow

Just to put food on the table

Cocaine,Tramadol and other hard drugs

Are being sold for citizens to move on

And away from depression

But we keep shouting"One Nigeria"

Thinking that our leader would

Be moved/touched to do something

He only sits in his expensive

Regalia watching us in our suffering

If all these are the recent happening

We will keep asking

Which way Nigeria?

Are we just being old for nothing?

Who will wipe our tears?

These is the story we are telling

The grief, sufferings and pain stricken endurance

To achieve freedom,

Sovereignty of our nation

Is these the posterity our fathers fought for

Green , white and green

A green that represents abundance and green pastures

Yet nothing is green

White for peace, equality, equity and fairness

Yet civil and tribal wars

Corruption, marginalization, nepotism

Murder, rape, robbery and greed has eaten the peace outta us

Yet it ain't considered a sin

Blessings we are , yet cursed

Winners yet we've lost

Wake up Nigeria!!

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Avatar for Vanjinks
Written by   91
4 months ago
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