The wild picture.

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2 years ago

I'll be posting some pictures of some wild animals, how they hunt and their facial reaction, how they laugh, difrentiation of similar Animals and so on.

All pictures posted here was sourced from Quora and all credits given to the photographers.

A Cheetah Or A Leopard?

Can You state the difference?

These wild animals really look alike what are the difference between this two..

How different wild animals smile

laughing hard
A tiger furiously happy

Wonderful sight to view

A tiger walking with her cubs
Gecko smiles to the camera man

Porcupines Are Dangerous predators

Take adequate Precautions While You Are With this following animals.

Below are some Wild Animals!

  1. Panda

  1. Ostrich

  1. Cassowaryary

The wild life is a beautiful place but we need to stay cautions so not to get harmed.

Thanks for viewing.

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2 years ago


From the two pictures of leopard and cheetah, I can spot out a difference on their faces. You see that black stripes below the eye which also surrounds the nose of the cheetah. I spotted that 😃 Nice work!

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2 years ago

Great nice observation....

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2 years ago