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The Light is Who You Are

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2 months ago

In a world as dark as this, it's so easy to faint and lose hope.

In a world as chaotic as this, it's so easy to go the broad way and compromise.

In a world as frustrating as this, it's so easy to be lonely and depressed.

Nevertheless, there's hope for a tree even though it be cut down.

A living dog is better than a dead lion and as long as you can see the light, there is hope.

Look to the future, for the plans your Creator has for you are mind blowing.

He is your LIGHT. Look to the light and you will see your true self.

It is an insult to define you by the darkness you see and are surrounded with.

Look to the light and you will find your true you soaring high above this dark world and its systems.

Follow the light and you'd be surprised at how far you'll go.

Light shines out of and in darkness.

Ogas and madams, you need the darkness to rise.

Don't let it destroy you or make you go the broad direction.

Rise and push closer to the light.

Allow the darkness to push you closer to light in sincere and utmost desperation.

You will be shocked by what you will find.

The LORD is thy LIGHT!

It doesn't matter if the darkness seems thick and the light seems like a flicker standing alone.

It is only a mystery called Falsehood.

There is nothing more original than the Light that you are.

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