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The Birth Of Paradelike Nigeria

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5 months ago

Hardwork is now common amongst Nigerian youths. Everyone wants to be involved in one or two things. But what is the motive behind this; to meet end needs?

Nigeria is the face of Africa and the youths are the salt of Nigeria. So, can we then say the Nigerian youths are the face of Africa?


When this is fused into our mindset, we will see the need to help innovate Nigeria, so as for it to be rejuvenated.

The indiscipline of many youths is asphyxiating the nation. We all need to be United; United, not uniform.

Unity helps the growth of an organization but if everyone is doing the same thing or skillful in the same area (uniform), there will not be excellence.

The hope of this country is the youth and the way the youths can salt the country is through "invention and innovation".

The best way to invent and innovate is to look for a problem, look at what the people and the society need and then provide a solution to the problem.

But then many Nigerian youths are into Ponzi scheme, get-rich-quick programs. This will not help.

It has to start individually, then corporately. This is how America was built.

There are men who built America; men like John Rockefeller, J.P Morgan, Henry Ford, Andrew Carnegie, Cornelius Vanderbilt, Thomas Edison, among others and today we have Steve Jobs, Mark Zuckerberg, Bill Gates, among others.

They started individually, not blaming the government for their failures and poor living.

They found problems and solved them, individually.

Nigerian government seems to more interested in promoting other countries' ideas and innovations. But this doesn't stop us from birthing a paradelike Nigeria.

We need men who could build Nigeria.

Look inward. Nothing changes from the outside, your potentials are hidden inside you.

God didn't give man a table, He gave man tree, He didn't give man a shoe, He hid the shoe in cow.

Brain was given for you to think, so as not to disturb Him every time. Make the brain sweat.

Innovation is the key to unlocking productivity. And the prosperity of any nation is depended on how innovative the nation is.

Be creative, be productive.

Be innovative.

Let us all do something.

We are grateful industries like Innoson and Nord are making impacts in the world, by producing world-class cars.

This is what we need.

What you create will pay you. That is the reward.

Money is paper, it is valueless, the real value is YOU.

When you make that value known, then money will come to you.

This understanding will not make you cry when you lose ten thousand naira because you know you have more value and potentials to bring more of it.

Ask yourself these Questions and Give Answers to them.

✓What would the World have lost if you had not been born?

✓What will the World lack because you fail to live out your potential?

✓What will happen to your potential if it is been buried in the cemetery of your Last Success.

This is how a PARADELIKE NIGERIA can be birthed.

© Abayomi Joshua

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Written by   91
5 months ago
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