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The battle of Identity 1

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3 weeks ago

You are not a victor because you survived but you survived because you are a victor.

The challenges, trials, hurdles and discomfort we experience as humans are not actually permitted to defeat us.

They are allowed by the Creator because he knows we have what it takes to overcome them.

By default, we were created as victors, so victory resides deep within the DNA of every human and the Creator knows this.

Hence, He believes much more in us than we even believe in ourselves.

He made us, He knows us more than we know ourselves and He knows that He's made us with substance that can withstand the climate of the present world we live in.

So He allows the challenges for our sakes, in order to reveal to us our true DNA as victors.

We are not labelled victors because we survived and overcame the challenges thrown at us. Instead, we actually survived and overcame because we are victors.

We are not trying to be victors because we have been victors from the beginning of our existence.

The circumstances and the challenges are only allowed in order to reveal to us what we really are.

When you understand who you are from this true perspective, you will be able to withstand every challenge, arrow or fiery darts of darkness.

So know that you are a victor and not a victim.

Understand that challenges are what you need to grow and become more aware of who you actually are.

So from today, see challenges as an opportunity to reveal your true DNA, just as darkness is an opportunity to reveal the nature and value of light.

Eat them as you do breakfast, lunch and dinner.

For persecutions and trials are part of your inheritance because you are a victor and will always be a victor. [Mark 10:30].

You are a warrior.

*Israel O.*

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