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Poem: Milky Way Africa

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3 months ago

Africa, God's Gold Fleece

A Continent carved out of Glory

Enriched with fertile soil on which the world grow

Decked with bronze, embedded with gold,crowned with ivory

The land with green pastures, flowing with milk and honey

Africa,old as the Dinosaurs

The land of lands,mother of the lands

Where culture, heritage , tradition are everflowing ripples

A relief of hospitality, sanctuary for harmony and peace

Africa,the cradle of civilization

A land of abundance,where the rain wet ,

And the sunshine nurtures what we sow

Africa,the jewel cherished by people of great favor and dreams

A land where great heroes were first raised

A land of hope,where smiles and opportunity reflects it's dimple

I am an African

Not because I was born there ,

Nor my skin is black

Or I live in it's soil

But because,

My heart beats with Africa

My mind is merged by Africa

And my soul at home in Africa

In her agony,

My cheeks are stained with tears

In her triumph,

My feet are alive with dancing

In her weariness,

My hands are joined in prayer

When she honours her elders

My heads are bowed in respect

I am an African

She is the cradle of my birth

Nurturer of ancient wisdom

Her blue skies take my breath away

And my hope for the future is bright

The land of my tomorrow

I recognize her gift as sacred

And I'm proud to be an African

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good job bro...keep it up

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3 months ago

Thanks boss

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3 months ago