End Sars Nigerians voices out!!!

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2 years ago

Our corners are corroded by choas heavily

Gun blaze in rage and anger

Leaving another dead as bullets pierce a body without armour

Empathy exists no longer , I'm clouded by perplexity

Balaclavas beguiling beyond freedom

Darkness of night perpetuates our kingdom

Hazzels of havoc seems to dwell upon these entity

Vile gunshots gunning down the Innocents

Survivors too afraid to vie and rant

It leaves us asking why, no one understands the pain of a mother

Oh how monotonous

When young park patrons are ought to face the 'dangerous'

Comfort zones hampered by blunders that plunder

Tears held back to show courage ,as so called serve and protect

Caused some damage

in anger and pain feeling brokenhearted,

left a brother with a gun in outrage

Tears galloping streams of a mourning nation,

Breadwinners leaving to early before

handing the torch to the next generation.

Defenceless on this war of a vigour version,

Pitified by fear of this alternation.

Lifeless lives being regressed vividly

Beat them not in the lock up,

Beat them not in the custody,

Punch them not in the stomach,

smash them not on the head.

Beat them not for they are colored,

beat them not for they are feared,

abuse them not as they are deprived,

corner them not as they seem to be suspicious.

Avenues appeased by the agnostic

The future tingled by the bleak.

Poverty uttered the reason ripening proclivities

Of this deciet.

The law seem adhering virtues of defeat,

Beckoning blissful lives towards discreet

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The voice of the masses need to be heard, not only that of the leaders. Their rights are to be freely emphasized without fear of been killed or arrested. It's well with the nation

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2 years ago