Early Morning Decision

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If you desire to avoid regret and to live a successful and a fulfilled life, you must make an 'early morning decision'.

The train of destiny and big impact is bound by time and it is often not for late risers or late legislators. This truth may not be cast in stone but it is a very relevant system to operate from.

You must make the decision to begin to legislate and engage the 'trade by barter' technology on time.

It is imperative to trade away laziness, procrastination, indiscipline, unteachability, pride and all manner of sins.

Now is the time to make up your mind.

Do you want to receive sense at 40 before you begin to realize the pattern of destiny? I guess not!

You may or may not be able to completely fulfil destiny or make big impact, if you made up your mind that late. Do not take such a risk.

So begin to legislate and by legislate, I mean: "begin to create your future and enforce the God given laws that have been given to ensure you become what you were created to become; to put yourself over in life.

Do not wait until regret and weary haste becomes your drive.

Tread the path of purpose and make up your mind now, for a night will come when no man can work.

So work now and let your bones rest and rejoice when the night comes, so you do not give yourself a chance to sorrow all day and all night long.

There are indeed stories of late risers who were still able to magnify their purpose and tangibly spread out tentacles of influence to certain territories, but I do not advise you begin to console yourself with such stories when you still have the freshness to do more better and earlier.

Do not take such risks with your destiny, for capacity differs.

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