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My Childhood Toys

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2 months ago
Topics: Memories

Now is a different moment than it was then.

It was enjoyable to play patintero, hide-and-seek, tumbang preso, and other games outside with friends before.

Because of the passage of time and the advancement of technology, the traditional games we used to play are no longer available.

I felt sorry as my youngest brother was playing smartphone since he had never experienced the conventional games and toys that were popular with youngsters at the time.

So I'll tell you about the toys that used to make me happy when I was a kid.


In those days, I had a large collection of it since I won fights with other kids and bought it from local merchants.

With the amount of its collection, the losers in the match or those who did not make a purchase can simply borrow from me and we will play "kunwarian" ("kunwarian" is like a friendly match).

Almost all of us played with it, and the kids were good at aiming back then, so the other kids were crying because he had been defeated and his opponent had consumed the pokemon.

I used to go to various places to fight Pokemon, as well as to school when we didn't have a teacher because if I was caught at school, my Pokemon would be taken away. I've also been known to abstain from fighting because I'm frightened that my pokemon collection would be wiped out and I'll end up crying.

Toy automobiles

I remember playing with you when you had an automobile, but we had to sketch the road with chalk so that our toy cars could drive on it. Due to our drawing, we are being teased by passers-by and will be moving to a new location.

Then we race toy cars on the ground where people walk by; their toy vehicles will certainly break down, be trampled, kicked, or crash into the ditch because we're in the way.

It was not uncommon for my pals and me to trade automobiles or toys based on what we had talked about.


I was practicing because I was jealous of my friends who could perform tricks with YoYo, and because I was so confident in executing tricks, my YoYo's rope became tangled and ruined.

The next day, I bought again, and then my friends held a contest in which many children, including myself, watched and participated. When it came to my turn to fight, I was taken aback by what I saw because the person I was up against was the greatest among us at yo-yo stunts, but I was a complete novice, thus I lost.

The village competition isn't a betting game; it's just a coincidence that so many people enjoy yo-yoing.


I used to always run out of holen because I always lost, then my holen always got hit, and I was always blind while I was aiming, so I would always run out of holen. Some of the times I win when my opponent is even worse than me is when I go to other places to battle in holen.

I also have an opponent in Holen who is very deceptive in the game, and I warned him but he didn't listen, so I refused the fight at the time.

They are identical to the Pokemon that you use to hit your opponent, however, the way you play holen is different.

A considerable holen is also present, but I simply collect it and store it in my container.


This was the most popular trend in our neighborhood at the time.

Everyone had basins to play Beyblades outside back then, while the rest of the kids just played with their buddies in their dwellings.

I used to acquire a new Beyblade and then destroy my old or broken ones, removing their blades and replacing them on my new Beyblade to deal twice as much damage to the opponent.

Others who do not have a purchase make their version of Beyblades which they call "tinga."


Turumpo is a traditional Filipino outdoor game that is popular among children.

As with the Beyblade, the trumpo also rotates, although it does so in a different way than the Beyblade.

there's a game where you place your trumpo on the ground and they hurl a spinning trumpo at your trumpo. If your trumpo is broken, you'll cry because your trumpo is gone. So that's why I'm not interested in participating in that game because I adore my trumpo.

Insane children can also shatter your trumpo while you're spinning it, so I bought a thumbtack and put it in my trumpo to safeguard it from demented children.

When the rotation is not balanced, we call the trumpo "kangkarot."


Pogs is a card game similar to Teks, with the exception that the text is thin and square. The pogs are playing methods are 100% identical to teks, However, there is one thing that teks cannot do to pogs, and that is "slammer."

When I got up that morning, the first thing I did was go outside and play pogs, then they play their games, flying their pogs, I'm not sure what they call it, but one of their players said "pamato and panabla" in their game.

I've never joined because I don't understand how to play it, and the way I used to play it was to hit the ground since that's how pogs are usually played.


The method of playing teks is 90% is the same as pogs, the only thing that teks can't do is "slammer."

I didn't participate in flying teks at the time since I didn't know how to play them, but I gradually learned the ones I tried.

"Apiran" is a game that I sometimes play with youngsters, because many of them do not know the proper way to play flying teks.

Rubber band

I used to make a lot of things with rubberbands; I can make him a belt, a leash, and so on, but I make this art.

"Chinese garter" is a popular game among girls and LGBT youth in our neighborhood. Young men play "dampa" using rubber bands. They will pound the floor to create air, which will move the rubber band with both hands, leading you towards your goal.

I make art with the rubber band, such as Batman's car, stars, double stars, and other designs, and I sometimes just wear it in my hand.

There were many other popular toys at the time, but I don't recall what they were.

Toys are no longer popular among children; there are a few exceptions and nowadays, the games are different. Mobile Legends, Call of Duty Mobile, Genshin Impact, and other games are already available on smartphones.

You? What were your favorite toys when you were a kid? , please leave it in the comments section so that we can all read it, and I will conclude my narrative here.

We'll see you in the future article.

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Written by   16
2 months ago
Topics: Memories
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Lahat nung sinabi mo paborito ko hahaha lahat yan nalaro ko dati.

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2 months ago

Paperdoll yung sakin ,since walang pambili ako lang mismo ang gumawa🤣

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2 months ago

Nakalaro na rin ako niyan, kasi mga babae at bakla na bata yung mga kalaro ko nung time nayon.😅

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2 months ago

Gumagaling kana sa pagsusulat ha, keep up it up. sana mapansin kana hehe

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2 months ago

Nagpa-practice palang, salamat sa suporta kaibigan

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2 months ago