How to make aloe vera gel:

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To make aloe vera gel, 
all you need is a healthy 
aloe plant (Aloe barbadensis).

The procedure is simple:

1. It is important to start with
 clean hands. Also, use clean
 making utensils so that the gel
 does not become contaminated.

2. Cut off the outer leaf of 
the plant (the outer leaves are 
more mature).

There will be enough fresh,
 healthy gel in the leaf. 
Since aloe gel is easily
 perishable, it is best
 to prepare a smaller amount. 
A leaf or two, especially 
if they are larger, is enough
 for half a cup to a cup of gel.
 And if you have a young plant, 
be careful not to cut too much
 at once, because that way you 
can damage it.

3. Squeeze the juice

Place the leaves in a cup and 
let the juice drain. 
The juice contains latex,
 which can be irritating to 
the skin, so it is best to 
squeeze it.

Peel the leaves

It is best to use a vegetable 
peeler to remove the outer 
green part of the leaf. 
Peel carefully until you reach
 the gel in the middle of the leaf.

5. Grasp the gel with a
 small spoon

The transparent soft gel
 is easy to separate from
 the leaves with a spoon.
 Take as much as there is and
 put it in a clean container.
6. Mix the gel with a
 natural preservative 
(eg vitamin C)

If you get more gel and 
want to keep it for a 
month or two, mix 500 mg 
of vitamin C for each cup
 or add a few drops of oil 
with vitamin E.
 Mix the ingredients 
(you can also use a blender).

7. Pour the gel into a 
sterilized glass container

If you have used any of 
the food storage products, 
you can store the gel
 in the refrigerator for a 
month or two. 
Without a natural preservative, 
the gel can be used for a week.

8. Use gel

You can use the gel 
to hydrate the skin. 
You can prepare other home
 remedies from it, 
and it is best to use 
it for superficial skin 

You can mix ½ cups of aloe
 with ¼ cups of melted coconut
 oil - this way you will get 
a healing moisturizing lotion.

And this is how aloe vera gel 
is used to remove wrinkles

Massage a little gel directly
 on the skin. 
Do it gently and gently massage
 for about 3 minutes. 
You can also add one capsule 
of vitamin E to one teaspoon of gel.
 Stir and use to massage 
the face or the area where 
wrinkles appear 
(it can also be used for décolleté).

Massage your skin regularly every 
night before bed. 
You will notice an improvement 
after a few days.

Additional benefits of aloe vera

hydrates the skin

helps with sunburn

reduces inflammation

helps digestion

detoxifies and cleanses the body

improves dental health

treats stomach problems

helps with allergies and asthma

improves hair growth

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Aloju svi hvale kao sastojak za sve zivo. Nisam bas mnogo puta probala, ali ovaj recept je odlican

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Pokusacu da naoravim ovo vidim da je dobra stvar cak sam i citao malo oko ovoga svaka cast onome ko je izmislio ovakve stvari evo cak i kada sam na moru bio neki covjek je prodavao slicnu stvar

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Lako se pavi a pomeze mnogooo

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Od aloje je sve zdravo, treba pokusati. Meni je mnogo pomogla za zdravlje

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