What to do when the market crash is happening - a HODLer guide

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2 years ago

How are you guys? A little shaken?

Some of my friends started three days ago to exit in stable coins. Now they are happy. I know they could have right (and they did), but I'm a holder, so I am not sad if my portfolio is decreasing for the moment, but a little envious a didn't have the guts to sell (at least) a part of my portfolio to buy it back with more than 30% gain. But if I will have the opportunity again, I will still stay and make no move, because I had more than 5 situations like this when I sold and then I couldn't jump in the train again and I lost many, many X-s.

So, that's it!

We are here - staying. If you have strong hands (the opposite of weak hands) - you'll wait and wait, even the coins are going even deeper. All that matters is the fundamental of the project: if it's good, sooner or later, you have your money back and even more.

What to do now?

There are at least 3 big scenarios now for anyone of us:

  1. You sold early and now your ex-portfolio is less-valuable than the moment you sold

    If you are sure about your projects and they have strong fundamentals, you just need to buy it back with a nice discount. Good opportunity for increasing your bags. Simple as it is.

  1. You sold at the most least favorable moment - when the coins were in the deepest sh..t and now the price grew by 20-50%

    Now, your situation is the worst. But for the moment. We can have two situations for the next period:

    the market is recovering:

    now your are in a really unfavorable state: maybe you can enter in the same coins and accept the diminishing of your bag or you can jump in other coins hoping to recover your loss (attention - choose wisely, because the new coin could go down as well)

the market is going even deeper - then you will get into the situation no.1

  1. You are a holder

    that means you didn't sold. You are safe regarding your crypto bag, but uncomfortable because your portfolio value decreased - more or less.

    In this case, if you can, I will choose to make a DCA (dollar cost averaging) and buy more coins from your choices and have in that way a smaller price/coin than the first moment when you bought it (if it was a bigger price than the actual). For example, I bought some ORAI (which I believe is a good project) at 30 $ (for long term, not for a short trade). I will buy the same quantity at 12 $ to decrease my average to 21$. A decent price, I could say.

What could you do if the market is going even deeper? Continue to buy at a smaller price or wait.

Remember, if your project is good - the value will increase in time at a bigger size than before the crash.

This is not a financial advice, anyone should decide for himself after a strong research.

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