The invention of lying or how could the World look if we would speak only the truth

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we are facing day by day a Guerrilla informational war and we are exposed to many, many sources of news, from the classical TV and radio news programs to on-line stuff, and this is causing a rapid absorption of it. We receive news on facebook, twitter, whatsapp, reddit, websites, news aggregator apps, on line tv channels, etc

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The speed and the quantity of the news we are dealing with is provoking an intoxication for the most of us, and what is even worse, not all the info are true.

This is what fake news is. And also, we are facing manipulation for getting a certain reaction from us. In this way, some honest people could be harmed, some bad intentions people could take advantage of the situation and we, the public, are there to approve or disagree with a certain action. Why do they need us, because if the protests coming from us are going to become a big wave, nobody could resist it, even if your function is to be the President of the United States.

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Some decades from now, a film tried to explain how could become a world without liars: "The invention of lying" is "A comedy set in a world where no one has ever lied, until a writer seizes the opportunity for personal gain." (according to imdb website description).

Screenshot from the movie. You have the Official Trailer here.

It is a real drama what Elon Musk and crypto world relationship is becoming. First, we had the declaration of love. For Doge. Second, BTC become the wife and after a short marriage, the divorce was declared. Why? There are many why:

  • why Elon became a fan of BTC? I am sure he knew all about it: what it means, how it's produces, who is doing it, etc

  • if Elon knew all of these, why the first declaration of engagement followed by marriage and a divorce, later?

  • if Elon didn't know about what he said he found out about how is BTC consuming energy (but this should be out of discussion, because Elon ain't stupid or misinformed) than he should be like a below average person who wants to be a (lousy) businessman

Recently, more posts wrote about the pressure of the Tesla's shareholders to Elon for dropping BTC from his hands.

Of course, this is also a speculation of Kevin O"Leary, a public figure in investor's world. So, what is the truth for us, the non important players in this world of big games?

If we could live in the "Invention of lying" movie universe, maybe Elon will play the main character role and start lying for a certain benefit or goal.

This is not the first case of reading something on the news and the real reason is absolutely different: "X decided to step out for personal reasons" could hide an agreement for a quiet resignation and an easy replacement instead of a big scandal that could affect the company and the persons involved.

I personally "helped" for a board member being debarked because he liked honey too much and did this with both hands for some years, but the reason revealed to the people for his living was "In search for new opportunities and personal projects".

So, try to read between the lines, judge if this person could be so stupid to take that decision and if not, be sure it is something else involved.

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