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what if...

indeed: what if a giant is overwhelmed by another one? If somebody with charisma, lot of money, awareness and influence is having his place on the stage - a lot of people will listen to him. And, for sure, some statements will influence the people's decision and the market, finally. So, if the stories are in the favor of the price increasing, the people will be happy and the market will prosper. But what if, suddenly, the same "prophet" will turn 180 degrees and will tell the opposite in just few months after the first position?

The whole thing will fall apart?

Any guess?

If nothing blinked in your mind, then Elon should remind you of something.

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What if people will say: I'm not buying electric cars anymore. It consumes electric energy (like Bitcoin, for example), and even more - what are we doing with the car batteries after the functional period and how much pollution do we create by making it?

That was just an intermezzo about how FUD could influence something that should be in the end of the line a good progress for our society.

But who is the other actor? Or (I hope) the others?

There are rumors about many of them preparing to embrace crypto, from Governements to Banks or other big corporations. We know something about Ukraine Government, some China with their CDBC or IBM, Microsoft, JP Morgan and others.

But we need an iconic brand to embrace this domain, to show it is more than an energy consumption sector and rather a good way to avoid counterfeiting or laziness of the people who work in administration. I will not debate here about use cases and advantages of using blockchain technology, I will stay focused on the bigger picture: the adoption and the obstacles met.

Of course not everything is nice in crypto, like in any other domain: bad people are trying to take profit from this new niche and will apply different strategies for this. This will keep the most of the people, companies or institutions far from it, until something or somebody big will come and make it an example from their act.

That's why I think when a triple AAA is coming deep in crypto, they will be followed by others with more enthusiasm.

This is what we need. News from


Amazon or


regarding their intentions and actions in crypto space. What could be more enforcing that seeing this giants united to bring crypto closer to us?

You have the whole article here:

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We will see more hope that this blamed crypto world could become as usual as driving a car.

That's why I think that a giant in mass media like Tesla's founder could be countered with other giants and, most of it, with other giant's actions.

So, let's keep our faith that sooner that we believe, we will see blockchain used more than we expect or imagine now.

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