SafeMoon is really send you to the moon? Lambos are not flying.

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A friend of mine was telling me about this new hype in Binance Smart Chain world: SafeMoon.

Indeed: SafeMoon! What could be more attractive than the certainty you will go to the moon in safe conditions?

But let's try to analyse the facts, not the words:

What we know about them?

First - we look at their website, team, tokenomics, whitepaper, activity, milestones accomplished, social media and exchanges where the token could be found.

The website

This is the website

The official website. To be sure you are not entering in (no doubt about it) one of the many unofficial websites created by fans or scammers.

Also, be careful of the Telegram fake admins who try to scam users by offering tokens by half of the actual price.

Of course, I am just kidding, the project is not so developed and famous to be assaulted by too many scammers.

The construction is simple and has some links to relevant info like: the whitepaper, the team or how to buy the tokens.

It doesn't seem too sophisticated or detailed, but it could be enough for what the project is aiming. We will see later what is about.

The team

We are now going a little deep to see who is the team behind this project.

Well, it seems there is no need for a numerous team to create a project with a huge number of tokens .

The first member - Trevor - is the Community developer - I mean - the one who is telling you the truth and only the truth and you should believe it because is an official member of the SafeMoon Core Team. No Official Member of a crypto project would ever lie to you. Trust them! Of course, I am joking.

Let's say this is not a vital job, so, let's go further:

This is huge! 6 years as Analyst and after that he decided to fund his own company - TANO and now SafeMoon. It looks like a sort of a manager profile, but that's fine if you want to be a CEO. You don't need to know some programming skills, nor some software architecture or something similar.

Henry Wyatt is another CEO (but in Linkedin description appears as a Director of Software Development (doesn't matter - the important thing is to sound very formal). After a 4 month internship, he decided to make his own company and now is also some director in this impossible to miss project.

But I think the (only) guy who knows something about programming is this:

It looks like a real geek and has some solid background in programming and blockchain. Also, the third founder of TANO, so we have a mini TANO here, or maybe a TANO combined with other guys, even with somebody unknown until now (but they will have time to find it until the end of the year, when the main net is scheduled to take us to the moon).

Anyway, now - the tokenomics

It might be other projects, with this DEX stuff, when anybody could make his own disruptive DeFi project, but this is the one who holds the record regarding the number of tokens:

1 million of billion tokens!

not 1 billion, not 1 trillion, but 1 thousand trillion!!!!

It is impossible for me to realize the dimension of this supply, so I will leave it as it is. But, you know: why should you want to manage this kind of amount?

Of course, Coingecko or CoinMarketCap doesn't succeed to keep the rhythm with the quantity pushed into circulation, so the Market Cap is unknown now.

Looking at this numbers, TRX or XRP looks like amateurs, and even the huge 888 billion tokens of BTT is like David near this Goliath.

But what about the whitepaper?

Yes - that's what I found on the website. Why should you become bored reading unrealistic plans like almost any whitepaper reveals (anyway)?

In 2 minutes - you'll get to the point.

And big surprise from the team! They already burn 223 000 ... it is better to write 22% of the total number of tokens, so you have only ...the rest of (almost unlimited) it.

Don't worry, everything looks great. Just push the buy button.

What about their activity?

Well, the most important thing is being listed on some Binance Smart Chain DEX'es - like BakerySwap or PancakeSwap, but you can also buy it from Trust Wallet.

Very simple. The most important thing here is to have money.

Also, the media is full of articles about them and I think the most important guy here is not the CEO or CTO, but the first I presented here - Trevor and he is doing all the money!

This is their very complex Roadmap (spoiler - at the end of the year - we all we are going to the moon!)

I wanted to write more, but it looks like in the activity section I resumed also the social media, milestones accomplished and exchanges where we can find this hidden gem. (Hidden from the aliens from another galaxy, because even somebody from the other side of Milky Way could see this project because the number of the tokens).


If you are not convinced by all the signs until now, I can only recommend you to buy! When you are ready to invest, prepare your credit card, withdraw the money from any ATM (it doesn't matter which one because of the purpose of what are you doing with the money) and throw all of it through the car's window.

It will be the same effect with making an investment in this project (maybe better, if some poor guy will find the money and buy something to eat).

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