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We are in the year of 2021 B.C. and we are facing a long Bull Run, totally different from the one of 2018's. The run has started in December of 2020 and we are still unsure what is happening:it seems more and more big players are joining to the crypto market, so the premises are apparently bullish. After Tesla, PayPal, Twitter or Square have bought BTC and many others are coming to take a slice of the crypto pie.

Photo by Crypto Crow from Pexels

What do we know until now?

The previous bull run was 3 years ago. Many has bought BTC with all their savings, some of them sold their houses for that, others, even worse: got some loans for this.

What was happening after few months? A long way until the dip of December;s 17 2018 - 3150$, after a flat 6k field for few weeks in the summer, when almost everybody thought it was the support and the raise is imminent.

What happened with those who sold the houses or got loans? I think almost the majority have sold all their BTC to cover the losses and got deeper in losses or paid a part of their debt. Very few remained still until these days.

SO, this should be a lesson to learn: history is having it's circle of actions, with lows and highs, but no matter what is happening, keep this in mind:

Never invest more than you can afford to lose it (for a period, at least).

It is important to be able to continue your life without that money. When the Bull market is coming again, you will have your money back.

The next important thing is: analyse your investment and try to have a strong fundamental reason to put your money in a certain project.

With these 2 principles in mind, you will be safer than investing in anything you hear or see.

Look at this chart provided by Coingecko.

It is incredible run of BTC, and after some testing periods, Alts are following in the race of getting new highs.

In the meantime, CZ, the owner of Binance, figured new ways of making money: Binance Smart Chain with all that stuff: Pancakeswap as a response to Uniswap and all that farming and DeFi cohort: Venus, Swipe, Launchpad, etc

Now, BNB is ATH, having 600$ yesterday!

And in 2018, December - the price was near 5$. In march, last year - 10$!

Well done!

What can I say?

CZ and Justin Sun are two masters of marketing and transforming everything in money!

So, everybody is happy now. You buy some coins. You sell it after few days. You gain some. Your buyer is selling also after few days, he got some gains also...

But how long?

I was recently to near a convenience store to buy something and I saw some pigeons walking on the street. Very peaceful. They weren't bothered by humans, not even the cars that passed through.

In a moment, I saw one car getting ready to trample one of them because they didn't move from the road. In the last moment, the pigeon made few steps and the wheel passed only over one of it's wings, but after that it flown up to the third floor of the building, so I think it wasn't hurt too bad.

Photo by Joshua Köller from Pexels

The meaning is that we are now so used to win that the moment of dump will catch many of us in an unexpected state and the world would become upside down.

Than, all the profits will become losses, bigger that what we already gain and our condition will be confuse.

I saw many people these weeks joining in the fever of crypto win, FOMO is the actual state, suddenly interrupted by two episodes of FUD, when BTC made some corrections, from 51 k to 41 k and from 58k to 51k. Than almost everybody was prepared to jump from the train, but they forgot it quickly after few days, when the upward trend came back.

Guys, remember, in one days, this will be for real and we will begin to go down. You will hope this is temporary and the next day will be better. Oh, it wasn't today, but tomorrow will reclaim the lost price position. And it will not be happening.

In the end, many of us will be like a puppy trying to get in master's arms.

Lead Photo by Hana Mara from Pexels

Then will be the hold-ing period, when, from "traders", we will become "long term investors" and we should wait until the prices will come back to better days.

Until then, beware, study and split your risk.


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Topics: NFTs, Goals, Bitcoin, Money, FOMO, ...