“Life is unfair but remember sometimes it is unfair in your favor.”

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2 years ago
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I found this quote I and think is the perfect speech for anybody is watching crypto market these days.

I stopped writing articles for weeks, because the show delivered in front of my eyes was astonishing, more than I thought it could happened in real life.

If somebody was trying to predict this to me, I would laugh at him very kind.

But what about now?

Well, like somebody was writing on a group: as a manager, after many hours of research, I chose some solid projects from crypto world and I waited to grow. In the meantime, my truck drivers were buying DOGE in January this year, a Meme coin with nothing behind it but jokes and no brain driving. And guess what: now, my drivers are leaving my trucks in the parking spot because they are filthy rich and I, with my well researched project, I'm still waiting to see my investments grow.

In this case, also...

“Life is unfair but remember sometimes it is unfair in your favor.” 

— Peter Ustinov

Any truck driver could say the life is unfair: he is forced to take this driving job and going so many days out of home, sleeping in the car, eating what they could afford, talking with family on the phone, no nights with the kid being near him to make him asleep, but now, this time, the life is unfair, but in the favor of him. The others worked much to discover the next gem in investments and a simple guy, just bought a nonsense project and won the jackpot!

How can you digest this?

How could you imagine that a project with no sustainable base could become bigger than:

Canadian National Railways - 78 Bn

Gazprom - one of the biggest Russian energy company - 77 Bn

Deutsche Post - 76 Bn

BASF - 76 Bn

Dell - 76 Bn ?

Look at this chart full of fundamental nonsense:

After a "normal" jump in value given by BTC raise, DOGE itself has going nuts not once, or twice, but several times in a row. And what reasonable person wouldn't sell at the first pump?

But no, it continued to grow after deep falls, again and again. Only people with nothing but faith could keep this coin without selling it and it makes me give them a thumb up in front of Ripple's army who were beaten by this democratic ignorance.

I cannot stop thinking of this:

What could you do?

Just shrug and go forward. If you want to be in the train of hazard, just take a 10% from your portfolio value and throw it on the window of randomness and hype.

One little advice - not all on a single horse. It could be the loser.

Well, I saw many nice projects in crypto, where years of work are starting to get a nice shape: Polkadot, Cardano, Chainlink, Tezos, etc and if some VIP is tweeting about some nothing coin, everything is forgotten and the nothing coin becomes almost the most important coin after the king and the queen. BTC and ETH.

What could I dream of?

The Real Satoshi coming up and saying he was mistaken and the real coin is DOGE?

Or Warren Buffet coming and saying that Banano coin is in fact the most important asset and he is buying a big bag from it?

I don't know what to say, but one thing is sure: many people saw DOGE ascending and their hopes are going to another nothing projects like SAFEMOON or SHIBA INU or AKITA. But their number is much, much bigger.

Guys, please stop! If you want to play, do it, but not with all your money!

Take care! These are sunny days, but at any flu of BTC, everything is gonna run down the hill!

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2 years ago
Topics: Earnings, Scam, Doge, SafeMoon, SHIBA, ...